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AS and A Level Entries

GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A) level examinations for external candidates.

We consider applications from Private (External) Candidates for any AQA, Edexcel or OCR examination - any subject, any unit - provided no coursework, language oral, language listening comprehension test, DVD, science practical or Art and Design component of any description is involved (but please see * below).  We do not consider applications from Private (External) Candidates for WJEC (Welsh) examinations or Cambridge International (CIE) AS and A level examinations in any subject.

*We do, however, consider applications from private candidates who have already submitted coursework for a previous examination session via their previous school or college, and would like the mark to be transferred ("carried forward") to a future entry.  We will do all the necessary administration – you do not even have to forward your previous coursework to us but you must provide us with a copy of your statement of results from the past examination session in which you submitted the relevant piece(s) of coursework.

Summary of availability of the major subjects:

Applications for all AQA, Edexcel and OCR AS and A2 units in the following subjects will be considered: Accounting, Business Studies, Classical Civilisation, Critical Thinking, Economics, Environmental Studies, Geography, Government and Politics, Law, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies and Sociology.

Applications for written papers only in AQA, Edexcel and OCR English Language, English Literature, English Language & Literature (AS unit 1 and A2 unit 3) and History (AS units 1 2 and A2 unit 3) will be considered; no applications for coursework in English Language, English Literature and English Language & Literature (AS unit 2 and A2 unit 4) and History (A2 unit 4) will be accepted.

Applications for written papers only in AQA, Edexcel and OCR Biology, Chemistry and Physics (AS units 1 and 2, A2 units 4 and 5) will be considered; no applications for practical coursework (AS unit 3 and A2 unit 6) in Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be accepted.

ICT: For AQA, applications will only be considered for AS unit INFO2 and A2 unit INFO3; no applications for INFO1 and INFO4 will be accepted. For OCR, applications will only be considered for AS unit G061 and A2 unit G063; applications for the two coursework units (AS unit G062 and A2 unit G064) will not be accepted.

No applications will be accepted for any AS or A2 units in Art and Design, Computing, French, German, Italian, Media Studies, Music, Russian and Spanish. HOWEVER, if you want to take RUSSIAN, please contact Ms Aina Shareefy via 020 8575 1462, 07769 313090 or znaniye@list.ru ; this puts you in touch with the Znaniye Centre  - a separate entity from David Game College but one which (with full Edexcel approval) stages examinations in the David Game College main building at 69 Notting Hill Gate, W11  3JS.

Other subjects not mentioned in this summary: please send an e-mail  to mkahn@davidgame-group.com including the relevant unit code and awarding body (AQA / Edexcel / OCR)  for clarification on whether or not we would consider an application from a private (external) candidate.


Prospective private (external) candidates who require extra time in their examinations should, in the first instance, send an e-mail to Mr Kahn (the Academic Vice Principal of David Game College) via mkahn@davidgame-group.com , explaining in detail the circumstances justifying the allocation of extra time. In addition, scanned copies of the following documents should be attached:

1. The most recent Educational Psychologist's report  for the candidate, including results of all tests.

2.  The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) Form 8 which should have been completed by the candidate's previous school or college, as part of their application for addiitonal time in examinations on behalf of the candidate.

3. An example of a recent piece of written work by the candidate, preferably in one of the examination subjects the candidate is seeking to take at David Game College.

Once the e-mail has been received, a reply will be sent to confirm whether or not we would be prepared to consider an application from the candidate to take examinations as a private (external) candidate at David Game College. Our decision is final and not negotiable. We regret that we are unable to accept any applications from potential private (external) candidates who require a reader or a scribe in their examinations. Please note - if you are a potential private (external) candidate requiring extra time in your examinations, you should NOT come into David Game College to register for examinations UNLESS you have e-mailed all the documentation referred to above to us AND you have received a reply from us confirming that we are willing to accept your application.

IMPORTANT: the initial e-mail you need to send us (enclosing as attachments  evidence of need of addtional time in your examinations) MUST be RECEIVED by us no later than the date shown in the relevant section below. E-mails sent AFTER this deadline will not be considered under any circumstances.



We are now considering applications for these examinations. The entry fee is £ 80-00 per unit, with a closing date of Friday 13th February 2015 (4.30 pm). After this deadline, we will continue to consider late entry applications with a fee of £ 160-00 per unit, subject to available space.

If you require extra time in your examinations, your initial e-mail (with VALID documents attached as evidence of need) MUST be received by us no later than TUESDAY 7th OCTOBER 2014.



Please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Private (External) Candidates BEFORE making an application; when you register, you will be asked to sign a declaration to the effect that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, in particular that there will be no refund of entry fees in the event of subsequent cancellation.

If you are applying to be a Private (External) Candidate for the first time at David Game College, you will need to come to the college at 69 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JS to register;  we do not accept e-mail or telephone applications from potential candidates living outside London or overseas. 

There is no need to book an appointment; simply turn up at any of the times shown in the table below.

Times available for registrations - week commencing Monday 22nd September:

Monday 22 September 3.00 pm - 4.45 pm
Tuesday 23 September NO EXAM REGISTRATIONS
Wednesday 24 September 9.15 am - 11.15 am
Thursday 25 September NO EXAM REGISTRATIONS
Friday 26 September 2.00 pm - 4.45 pm

Please do not come into David Game College on either Tuesday 23rd September or Thursday 25th September  to register for examinations as a private (external) candidate, as we will not be processing any applications on these two days.

Week commencing Monday 29th September - times for registrations will be posted here on due course.

You should go to Reception on the second floor and ask for an entry form for private candidates - please make it clear which level you are applying for (AS/A level) so that you are given the correct entry form.  Mr Kahn (the Academic Vice Principal and Examinations Officer) will then check the details on the form (correct codes, documentation etc.) and will register the entry if everything is in order.  For students aged up to and including 18 only, it is permissible for the student's parent or guardian to come in without the student as long as all the required documentation - including correct entry codes - is brought in.

Please bring with you your most recent official Statement(s) of Results - not certificates.  If you have more than one (eg one from AQA, one from Edexcel) it is important that you show us all of them, even if they relate to subjects you will not be taking in your future examinations.  This is to enable us to check your Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) and to resolve any associated problems (for example, if your previous school has made the mistake of allocating you a new UCI when you already had one from elsewhere).

Note: if you have never taken a GCSE / IGCSE / AS / A level examination before (and hence do not have a Statement of Results from a previous examination session), please do not worry - just mention this to Mr Kahn when you come in to register and he will allocate you a UCI number.  The same applies to mature students who last took a public examination ten or more years ago.  It is vital that you tell us if you already have a UCI number allocated by another school or college, and provide us with documentary evidence verifying that UCI number.

When you come in to register for examinations, please bring with you:

  1. two passport-sized photographs
  2. a photocopy (not the document itself) of one of the following forms of identity:
    i. passport page showing personal data and photograph
    ii. driving licence showing photograph
    iii. any other photographic proof of identity
  3. your most recent examination Statement(s) of Results as explained above.
  4. payment in full  (Please see section on Payment under "Terms and Conditions")

Note: under no circumstances will we accept first time applications solely by telephone or e-mail - the student (or parent/guardian in the case of students aged up to and including 18) must come into our examination office at 69 Notting Hill Gate, W11  3JS to register.  Students living outside London are advised to look for centres closer to home, although if you are able to travel to London in person to register we will of course consider the application. 

For students who have already taken examinations as a private candidate in a previous session at David Game College (and hence whose details we already have), applications may be made by sending an e-mail containing precise details of the examinations required to the Examinations Officer at


quoting your 4-digit candidate number in the subject field.  A reply will be sent explaining how payment may be made over the telephone.