• Physics

GCSE Physics Course

What board do we do? EDEXCEL IGCSE code 4PH0

What is Physics?

Physics is the science of how matter interacts and it spans the whole range from the very smallest particles right up to the universe itself. It is the study of energy and matter and how they interact with each other. It deals with matter on scales ranging from sub-atomic particles to stars and entire galaxies. As a physical science there is an emphasis on predicting behaviour and testing through observation and measurement. You will have the opportunity to explore how things and solve problems.

Which subjects combine well with Physics?

Mathematics, Chemistry, ICT and Electronics.

What careers and University courses can Physics lead to?
Physics students can pursue further study at university in Physics, Engineering, or Computer Science degrees. However, the analytical skills developed make Physics a highly sought after qualification in other careers such as medicine, computer programming, intellectual property, finance and economics.



Physics Paper 1 Paper code: 4PH0/1P   66.6% 2 hour exam

Physics Paper 2 Paper code: 4PH0/2P   33.4% 1 hour exam

The exams will cover these topics:

  • Section 1: Forces and motion
  • Section 2: Electricity
  • Section 3: Waves
  • Section 4: Energy resources and energy transfer
  • Section 5: Solids, liquids and gases
  • Section 6: Magnetism and electromagnetism
  • Section 7: Radioactivity and particles


Full specification available at:: www.AQA.org.uk