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GCSE Business Studies Course

What board do we do? Edexcel IGCSE Code 4BS0

What is Business Studies?

We offer the Edexcel International GCSE in Business Studies. As students progress through the course, they are introduced to new ideas and concepts while continuing to use and reinforce previously learned concepts and skills. The course is designed to give students a sound understanding of business concepts and the ability to use knowledge, analytical skills and problem solving techniques in the context of international markets and the United Kingdom. A good knowledge of current affairs is an added plus for students of business studies.

Which subjects complement Business Studies?

The subject is a very good ‘bridging’ subject between Arts and Sciences. It combines well with any of the related disciplines of Economics, Accounting and Law, but it is also a very appropriate third subject for students studying two Arts or two Science subjects.

What careers and University courses can Business Studies lead to?

Many students can go on to Business Studies at A level, often choosing to continue their studies in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) at the University Level, followed by an MBA. Many students also gain a bachelor’s degree in other related fields like Accountancy. A Business Studies degree is highly valued by employers due to the skills in analysis, problem-solving, numeracy and decision making that it develops. Many graduates have chosen to use their business skills in careers in the City of London such as trading; banking, retail sector, manufacturing and other corporate fields and in industry.

IGCSE Business Studies

100% of IGCSE                                      4BS0/01                                                 2 hours

The assessment of this qualification is through a two-hour examination paper, set and marked by Edexcel. The total number is marks available is 100.

Section 1

Introduces the nature and types of business within an economy and encourages students to examine the interaction between businesses and the environment within which they operate.

Business Activity and the Changing Environment – examines the objectives of businesses, the changing environment and the criteria for judging success. The focus is on the importance of having clear business objectives and how the business environment provides opportunities for, and imposes constraints upon, the pursuit of those objectives.

Sections 2 -5

Focus on the main functional areas of business – HR, accounting and finance, marketing and production.

Whilst the five sections of content are listed as discrete topics it is important for students to recognise that, because business is dynamic, these five areas interrelate.

  • Human resources – looks at people in organisations focusing on their roles, relationships and management in business.
  • Accounting and finance – explored the use of accounting and financial information as an aid to decision making.
  • Marketing – focuses on identifying and satisfying customer needs in a changing and competitive international environment.
  • Production – examines the way organisations use and manage resources to produce goods and services.


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