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GCSE Religious Studies Course

What board do we do?   AQA GCSE   Code 8062

What is Religious Studies?

Religious Studies looks at some of the most fascinating and enduring questions that people have attempted to answer for thousands of years.  Does God exist?  Is there such a thing as divine revelation, and do some people have more insight into ultimate truths than others?  Do miracles occur, and why is there evil?

Religious Studies also looks at the ways in which people have expressed these beliefs in faith and practice.  Students will learn about the very different approaches to God, and to life, that occur across diverse religions. They will study both the Eastern traditions, such as Buddhism, and the traditions more associated with European Christianity.  Do different religions say essentially the same thing, or are there fundamental differences between them?

Students will be challenged with questions about belief, about value, about meaning and purpose in life. Students will develop critical thinking skills while considering questions that every generation has to think about.

Which subjects combine with Religious Studies?

Religious Studies provides an excellent preparation for students wishing to study A level Philosophy, Law, History, Sociology, as well as A level Religious Studies.

What careers and University courses can Religious Studies lead to?

Religious Studies is a natural preparation for degree courses such as Theology, Philosophy, Law, History, Sociology.  Employers value students who have learnt how to think critically and who write clearly with well structured arguments.

The GCSE Course Outline

The qualification is examined by two 1.5 hour papers.  There is no coursework.  The two exam papers correspond to the two components of the course.

Component 1: The study of religions.  The beliefs, teachings, and practices of two of the following religions:  Buddhism, Christianity, Catholic Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism.

Component 2:  Religious, philosophical, and ethical studies. A selection will be made from the following topics:  Religion and life; The existence of God and revelation; Religions, peace and conflict; Religion, crime and punishment; Religions, human rights and social justice.  There is also the option of studying St Mark's Gospel.

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