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David Game College is moving in May 2017

On the 31st of May 2017, David Game College is moving to 31 Jewry Street, EC3, in the City of London. The new landlord is Sir John Cass, one of the world’s oldest and most respected educational foundations, who also reside within the building.  The new location is 60,000 sq. ft. and is currently undergoing renovation to ensure that the premises can provide students with superior facilities and additional space. The Jewry Street location is part of the College’s commitment to a multi-million pound development plan that will help provide stability and an improved educational experience for all students over the next decade and beyond. 

In order to improve computing and science teaching, the new location will have access to hyper-fast fibre optic internet connectivity and state-of-the-art computing and IT facilities. In addition, there will be a modern, large canteen, three new science laboratories, and two large well equipped photography and art rooms. 

Situated in the City of London and close to iconic buildings such as the Tower of London, the Gherkin, the Bank of England and the Shard, Jewry Street represents an important step in the College’s development. 

The new location has excellent transport links and is close to the following stations:

  • Aldgate - Circle & Metropolitan lines 
  • Tower Hill - Circle & District lines
  • Tower Gateway - DLR
  • Fenchurch Street - National Rail
  • Liverpool Street - Central/Circle/Metrop/H&C/National Rail
  • Bank - Central and Northern lines


Important dates and facts:


  • Teaching will continue at Notting Hill premises until the 26th May 2017: additional revision classes will be possible in Jewry Street after the 30th May
  • The College will physically re-locate to Jewry Street between 26th and 30thMay 
  • Students will be able to access the library and canteen at Jewry Street from the 30th May as well as study rooms at Jewry Street


  • All written exams for May and June will take place in Jewry Street


The College will hold two consultation days during which staff, parents and students can come and ask questions about the move. These will take place before Christmas and again in late March 2017; exact dates will be posted on the website and emailed to all stakeholders.



Q: Why is the College moving?

A: For two key reasons:

  • The College’s current three locations in Notting Hill Gate (David Game House, United House, and Newcombe House) are due to be re-developed in the next two years.
  • Owing to its own success, the College is running out of space and struggles daily to find enough rooms for classes as its reputation has grown and the number of students applying to join has increased. The College’s development plan from 2014 highlighted the need for the College to expand its provision and seek out new premises in central London. Ofsted is being informed of our move and we will work with their inspectors to ensure full compliance. 

Q: Why is the College moving on the 31st of May 2017?

A: The College wanted to finish the academic year in 2017 and negotiated with the existing landlord to achieve this. In parallel we negotiated with the new landlord to provide a suitable time that would allow a move that is least disruptive to students. The date agreed by all parties allows students to finish their classes at Notting Hill Gate and then take their examinations at the new premises. 

Q: Why are examinations taking place in Jewry Street?

A: The College takes public examinations very seriously and is under very strict guidelines about when and where examinations can take place. Jewry Street is considered perfect for examinations because it is exceptionally quiet and not near any main roads. By contrast, of late Notting Hill Gate has become extremely noisy owing to a proliferation of street musicians, extensive roadworks and new shops being fitted out under the College.  Last year the College had to put in a significant number of requests for special consideration regarding the noise from the main street, mostly based on iterant musicians who refused to move, or building works; for us this is unacceptable. Given that our priority is for the optimal examination conditions, in large rooms with high ceilings, the new location is deemed perfect.  Students will be made familiar with the location after January and every effort will be made to ensure that all students visit the site and see their examination room.  

Q: How will the move affect my child’s education?

A: The College will carry on as normal until the end of May and all teaching for AS, 1stand 2nd Year A levels and GCSEs should be complete by then. Some additional sessions will be made available as per normal for intensive classes, but all specifications will be completed. For those students not taking examinations, mocks will be arranged at Jewry Street under the same examination conditions.

Q: How will the College communicate and ensure that students and Parents/Guardians get a chance to visit the new site or see simulations, plans and/or models?

A: Given the importance of the move the College wants to ensure that everyone who has an interest is kept suitably informed and involved.  The College will provide short films, maps, and drawings of the new site. It will also produce 3D models and drawings that accurately represent what it will look like on completion. During April 2017, students and parents will be invited to the new location to see the completed build, and get a feel for its size and location. Teachers will also make trips with their students at appropriate times to make sure that their students know where they will take their examinations.

Q: Will students of the College be able to use the library and other class facilities during May 2017?

A: Yes – during May all students have full use of the facilities at the new location, in particular the library and study areas. Teachers will also be relocating where necessary for any additional classes that might occur for revision, etc.

Q: Will all teachers transfer to Jewry Street?

A: Yes – all teachers have been consulted and in general it provides more favourable transportation links for the majority. Students will have the same teachers in year two as in year one.

Q: Will the move enhance the status and reputation of the College?

A: Most definitely yes. A move to a larger purpose-fitted building, whose landlords are one of the most respected educational trusts in the UK, will most certainly enhance the College’s reputation. The development will be noticed by Universities as a sign of our growth, reinforcing our already strong reputation as an independent educational establishment that transforms students and sends over 65% of student leavers Russell Group universities yearly. The new development will also make us more competitive, up-date our technology and computing facilities as well as provide students with an enhanced educational experience, congruent with the technological needs and e-learning of the 21st Century classroom. 

Q: Will the College be holding Consultation days where students and parents/Guardians can come and ask questions and request further information?

A: Yes – the College will hold one open day before Christmas and then a second one in late March 2017.  Because building works are ongoing, onsite visits are unlikely before March 2017, but these will be arranged after this date.




If you have additional questions or anything needs clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us




This information and all updates will be posted on the College website –


The information in this Q&A is accurate at the time of publishing but may be subject to change owing to unforeseen circumstances.


28th October 2016


John Dalton

Vice Principal 

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