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GCSE Drama Course

What board do we do? AQA (4240)

What is Drama?
GCSE Drama is an engaging, creative and challenging course that develops an understanding of a wide variety of activities. Students attend live theatre events which contrast well with the more traditional textual analysis, both of which are reflected upon through written assessment. In addition, a key component with the course is gaining first-hand experience with theatre creation, taking a simple idea and turning it into a unique piece of scripted performance art. They are exposed to many types of performance techniques, and gain confidence through collaborative tasks which require them to get the best out of all team members. The course encourages self-reflection, and promotes personal development as well as allowing a freedom of expression, and a chance to unlock their potential.

Which subjects combine well with Drama?
English Literature, English Language, History

What careers and university courses can Drama lead to?
GCSE Drama can obviously lead on to A level Theatre Studies which would open up the possibilities for a career in film, or theatre. However, it is important to realise that drama isn’t just a performance-based subject. A lot of its content focuses heavily on collaboration, and therefore teamwork. It is a subject that encourages self-discovery, and provides students with a platform on which to build confidence. It requires imagination, employs problem-solving strategies, and demands commitment. These are skills necessary to all professions.


Assessment is divided up into Practical and Written work.

Practical 60%

Over the year, students must produce two pieces of work that are assessed through both creation (7.5%) and the final performances (22.5%).

Assessment is carried out by the teacher, and an external moderator who attends the college once a year.

Written 40%

Students sit a 1 ½ hour exam in the summer, and must answer two essay-style questions. Both are based on work completed over the year.

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