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A level French Course

What board do we do ? Edexcel (AS A level Code: AS: 8FR01 A2: 9FR01)

Why choose French?
Languages are all around us; they are used in so many situations whether at work, on holiday or just casually in day-to-day life - we live in a multilingual global society. 

Choosing a foreign language is a really smart move if you want a fascinating subject that offers you a range of career possibilities at the end and are a lot of fun along the way. A-level language courses are interesting and varied subjects to study and give you a broad range of knowledge and skills.

Learning a language is a never-ending process; languages are constantly changing, bringing in new words and getting rid of old ones. This is one of the great things about learning languages, you’re always up to speed with the world!

Languages are an invaluable skill to have. Having a language can increase your salary from 8 to 20% and gives you a head start on other potential employees as by speaking another language you’re vital to any company who does international business (and there are a lot of them). Plus, a language is also a pre-requisite for lots of university courses so it’s something to consider if you’re thinking about university in the future. Languages are the key to the new, exciting multinational world we live in; so don’t miss out.

An  A-level in language complements a whole variety of subjects. You may need languages for all sorts of career destinations - doctors, psychologists and physiotherapists need language skills to communicate effectively with patients whether they work in the UK or overseas; businessmen, bankers and entrepreneurs all need language skills to make deals and sell products on the global market. Politicians, historians, geographers and holiday reps all need language skills to get to know the people and area that they are passionate about. The skills and qualifications that you gain from studying a language at A-level are incredibly important tools to have under your belt.

What is the A-level French course like?

A-level French builds upon your existing knowledge gained at GCSE, giving you a sound understanding of using your language in a variety of contexts and situations - at home, abroad, with friends or in the workplace. The emphasis of the A-level language course focuses on improving communication in your foreign language through different means as well as being able to use it in a variety of situations, developing your key skills areas and most importantly to encourage you to fall in love with learning languages.

The A-level modern language course is structured so that you’ll study four topical modules each year which will form the basis of the reading, writing and listening exams and also the speaking test. You will also do some translating during the course. There is no coursework for this A-level.

The topics that you’ll cover are really varied so you will not only greatly improve your language speaking and writing ability and increase your knowledge of vocabulary - but you’ll also learn about culture, history, literature, society, the environment and lifestyle.

The aim of the A-level modern language course is to help you to develop an interest in speaking a foreign language, to gain awareness of the need to speak foreign languages, to appreciate the nature and diversity of different cultures and people and to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding for practical use, further study and employment.

How are A-level units assessed?

The Edexcel A-level is made up of different units which are completed over 2 years; you take 2 units at AS level in the first year (a reading, writing and listening unit and speaking unit) and 2 further units at in the second year (a translation and writing unit and a speaking unit).  There is no coursework for the language A-level. Each unit is graded A-E and the full A-level qualification is now graded between A*-E. So to get a full A-level, you will need to complete both the AS-level and the A2 units. Here is an overview:




% of AS

% of A2


Unit 1 AS

Spoken expression

and response in target language

- Responding to set questions

- Discussion




Unit 2 AS

Understanding and written response in target language

- Listening and understanding

- Reading and understanding

- Writing task




Unit 3 A2

Understanding and

spoken response in target language

- 5 mins speaking on chosen issue, adopting a stance and justifying opinions

- Discussion




Unit 4 A2

Research, understanding and written response in target language

- Translation into target language

- Target language essay

- Research-based essay




The course will be assessed by examination only and will be externally assessed by Edexcel (your teacher will conduct oral examinations but will not mark them).

The outgoing (legacy) specification will be available for the last time as a one-year intensive course leading to the May / June 2017 examination session. Students for the AS Course only in Sept.2016 will be doing the New Specifications.

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