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GCSE Art & Design (Fine Art) Course

What board do we do? AQA, GCSE code: 4202

What is Art & Design?
GCSE Art and Design is suitable for students with an interest in drawing and painting who are willing to be creative. Students will be introduced to a variety of materials and techniques and will learn about artists’  work  through research and gallery visits. Students are encouraged to be experimental, to work from observation and imagination, and to develop their ideas from the beginning to the end.

Which subjects complement Art & Design?
Art combines well with almost any subject. The discipline of independent study and thought is an extremely useful one to acquire. It is a subject which can give the student confidence and a real sense of achievement.

What careers and University courses can Art & Design lead to?
Students achieving a good grade at GCSE can continue their studies at A level, which can lead to study at a Foundation Course in Art or and/or a degree in various areas of Art and Design, for example Architecture, Interior Design , Product Design, Fashion, Photography, Graphic Design and Fine Art.



Unit 1: 60% of total mark* (42021)

Portfolio of work which must include more than one project.  The themes are set by the teacher but the students are encouraged to make a personal response.

Unit 2: 40% of total mark* (42022)

Externally set task which culminates in a ten hour examination period, during which time the students will produce a final piece of work.

*Both units are marked by the teacher and moderated by AQA through a Moderation visit to the College.

Full Specification available at AQA.org.uk.