A level Media Studies Course

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What is Media Studies?

Media Studies focuses on studying a range of different media forms and industries.  However, Media Studies is one of the few subjects to allow students to develop practical skills to create their own media products as part of their coursework. These media products can range from creating magazines, music videos, print adverts, and even creating shorts films using equipment and software.

Media students will also develop the ability to interpret and understand how media texts have been created, and the social political aspects of media texts. This includes looking at how representations of social groups and events are presented to audiences and examining the social and political reasons behind these representations.

Students will also gain an oversight of the different issues affecting various media industries such as the magazine industry, the film industry, and the video game industry. Students will learn the impact of these issues through analysing various case studies.

Which subjects combine well with Media Studies?

Media Studies combines well with Photography, as well as Art and Design. Media Studies also combines well with Sociology.

What careers and university courses can Media Studies lead to?

Media Studies is a subject that can open many doors in the ever-expanding media industry in the UK and in higher education. Many top established universities now offer Media Studies under a variety of different names. Such as Media Communications at one of the most reputable London based universities Goldsmiths. Other destinations include Bournemouth University and Royal Holloway which offer courses to further develop your production skills.

Media Studies can also lead to choosing Film Studies at universities that offer the subject. Especially given that the theoretical and practical skills developed in Media Studies can be transferred to Film Studies.

Many prestigious media and film production companies offer internships and apprenticeships. This includes prestigious broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, and Sky all offering a range of internships and apprenticeships to skilled youngsters. By choosing Media Studies you will develop and learn the key practical skills valued by employers in the media industry.

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