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Posted on: September 9th 2022

Queen Elizabeth II

We have witnessed a point of inflection in our history: sadly , Queen Elizabeth has died.   The vast majority of people in the UK and the wider world have only ever known Elizabeth as our Queen. We accept with great sadness the loss of a cherished Monarch, one whose sense of duty, dignity and decorum was without equal in modern times.                     

Her image on coins and banknotes is just one example of her friendly , calm and reassuring presence that resonates with us all. But the Queen’s place in our collective consciousness is huge and her impact as a unifying force for good within the country is unmeasurable. She will be missed and her absence will be felt not just by her immediate and extended family,but by her broader family- the British people. 

Queen Elizabeth II was not just an international symbol of stable constitutional monarchy, but also a beacon of hope worldwide for the UK and for the Commonwealth. During  her Platinum  Jubilee, the College put up two portraits of her to celebrate and recognize what she has done for the UK.  


Globally, the Queen represented that side of the UK and the Monarchy that people held so dear to their hearts – duty, commitment, inclusivity and adaptability - a Queen for all the varied peoples of this Isle.


The death of the Queen leaves a serious hole in the fabric of British life and the continuity, sense of purpose and unity she provided. As the matriarch of the country, her sad loss paves the way for her successor – King Charles III – and we wish the King our very best in taking the monarchy forward.


David Game and John Dalton

Co-Principals of David Game College





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