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Over the years, David Game has invited many well-known and distinguished speakers to the college. Established professionals and experts in their given fields, these speakers took time out of their own schedule to visit our college to help host a number of events. These included lectures & seminars, debates, workshops, interviews & Q&A sessions, which were available for every one of our students to attend. Here are some of the visitors we hosted at the college recently.

Lady Mayoress of the City of London, Mrs Lindy Estlin

We were honoured to host at David Game College this week the Lady Mayoress of the City of London, Mrs Lindy Estlin, along with Mr Peter Green, husband of Sheriff Liz Green, and Mrs Amanda Keaveny, consort to Alderman and Sheriff Vincent Keaveny.

VP John Dalton showed the group around our City of London campus on Jewry Street, touring the facilities for GCSE, A Level and Higher Education. The visitors took great interest in the vast selection of paintings lining our walls, and enjoyed checking out student artwork in our art studios, as well as the new science laboratories.

Our Business Development Director, Niel Pama pointed out a few historical details in the building, such as the stained glass window beside the grand staircase, and a crack in the tiles at the entrance, which was caused by WWII bombings and maintained in reverence to local history.

The Mayoress and her colleagues took a real interest in David Game College’s approach to education, asking about how we welcome under-performing students from other schools and help raise their grades as well as support the mental health and general wellbeing of both students and staff.

She was interested to learn more about the alternative routes that students can take through our A Level courses, University Foundation or Higher Education programmes to complete further education and succeed in their careers. Our guests asked how many of our students are from the UK or abroad (about 60% to 40% respectively in A Levels with more foreign students joining us in David Game Higher Education).

Before bidding our special guests farewell, Principal David Game met them to answer all the questions they had about his history, running the school since 1974 and he made a donation to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal 2019.

We were also joined by Richard Foley, Clerk and Chief Executive of the CASS Foundation who described the neighbourhood as “now becoming the educational quarter of Aldgate” with the CASS Foundation, David Game’s several schools and the student accommodation under construction next door.

The Lady Mayoress and her fellow consorts were very warm and inquisitive, and it was a true pleasure to show them around.

Keith Grant & Peter Brookes Debate

The college was proud to host a very special event with the leader-page cartoonist for The Times newspaper, Peter Brookes CBE, and one of the greatest living landscape painters, Keith Grant, earlier in February of 2019.

The leader-page cartoonist for The Times since 1992, Peter Brookes CBE is considered by many to be the finest editorial cartoonist working in Britain today, as is confirmed by his many distinguished awards.

One of the greatest living landscape painters, Keith Grant has travelled extensively, and has confronted the elements in order to produce extraordinary, resonant images of nature, especially in the north. Several of his paintings adorn the halls of David Game College making his work familiar to our school community. In the past, Mr. Grant has taken part in similarly stimulating seminars with the poet, Sir Geoffrey Hill, in Oxford and the Polymath, Sir Jonathan Miller, in London. The conversation with Peter Brookes and Keith Grant offered our students and staff a unique opportunity to hear and see two of our most vital artists in conversation. It proved to be both entertaining and  enlightening for guests in attendance as the two artists spoke of their creative process in general and the differing approaches they have in particular.

Dr. Thomas Asbridge – Reader - Medieval History at Queen Mary College

The College was pleased to host a lecture by Dr. Thomas Asbridge, Reader of Medieval History at Queen Mary, University of London. The lecture detailed the life of Sir William Marshall, ‘England’s Greatest Knight’. Using an array of contemporary evidence, including a surviving copy of the knight’s 13th century biography, Dr. Asbridge presented a compelling account of Sir William Marshall’s life, from how he escaped execution at the age of five to becoming a regent of the realm later on in his life. As always, all staff and students were invited to attend the lecture and have their questions by Dr. Asbridge.

Professor Alan Fenwick – Professor of Tropical Medicine – Imperial College

The college was very proud to invite Professor Alan Fenwick OBE PhD for a talk on ‘accelerating progress towards elimination of some Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD)’. Professor Fenwick founded the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) – a project to assist countries in Sub Saharan Africa to help control schistosomiasis, Intestinal helminths and other Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) – and his work has led to saving millions of lives.

The talk was given to our GCSE students during their weekly assembly. He explained how NTDs contribute to a cycle of poverty, saying that the conditions of poverty
result in getting these diseases, and because they are sick they can’t go to school or work, resulting in more poverty. However, through Mass Drug Administration – for example 

offering medications to all the children in an infected school – these diseases can be overcome and lives saved. It was an inspiring talk, and several students were keen to get selfies with Fenwick following his presentation.

Dr. Kamal Alam

We were pleased to have Dr. Kamal Alam visit our college earlier in the year to attend a Q&A session with our Vice Principal John Dalton on radicalisation, its causes and
prevention. Speaking in front of staff and students alike, Dr. Alam offered his views on the Middle East conflict and what we can do as a society to help prevent radicalisation.

Dr. Kamal Alam is a Syrian military analyst and Fellow for Syrian Affairs at The Institute for Statecraft. He has been a visiting lecturer at several military academies and staff
colleges in the Middle East, Britain and Pakistan. He has previously worked at the Aspen Institute in Berlin. He also advises various Damascus-based family offices. His PhD examines the geopolitics of Afghanistan and the Arab world.

Zachary Harken-Rider – Political Counsellor at US

David Game College was proud to host Mr. Zachary Harken-Rider for a talk in July of 2019, currently working as Political Counsellor at the US Embassy in London. Mr. Harken-Rider also previously worked in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Sudan. The lecture covered his experiences working in different countries across the world and touched on how American diplomacy and its relationship with the United Kingdom is evolving. He also held a Q&A session for those in attendance, which was leapt on by some in the room as a chance to learn more about the inner workings of UK-US relations through a season of political change in both countries.

Harry Olmer

The college was honoured to invite Holocaust survivor Harry Olmer to speak with our students, providing precious insight into his life during the war and what he went through as a prisoner under the Nazi regime. Harry was born in Poland and was just 14 when the Nazis began to occupy Poland. He was then taken as a prisoner at Buchenwald 1944. After his release, he came to the UK and went on to graduate from the University of Glasgow.

We felt it was important to give our students this special chance to meet a survivor from some of the darkest pages of human history, and lessons gained from the discussion are sure to carry on in the hearts of those who chose to attend.

Celebrity appearances – Stephen Fry  & BTS

In November of 2018, Stephen Fry visited us for the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ psychART event hosted at David Game College. After the event, he gamely met with students and staff alike.

During spring of 2019, Korean pop sensation BTS spent a couple days at our college when they rented our state of the art dance studio to rehearse for their massive concert at Wembley Stadium, on the UK leg of their world tour. We were proud and a little star struck to host the boy band and hope to host them again next time they’re in London.








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