Visa & UKVI Requirements

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If you come from a country outside the European Union, you will probably need a Visa to study in the UK.  In order to secure a Visa, it is important that the correct procedures are followed.  The College will issue you with a CAS number in order to apply for a Visa after you have been accepted on one of our A level and GCSE courses, and you have paid the appropriate deposit fee.  Please visit for detailed guidance.

Visas for International Students 

In March 2009, a new points-based system was introduced.  Students are now able to calculate their points score before they make a visa application.

To gain a student visa, applicants will have to score 40 points against two sets of objective criteria given below:

  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a College with Tier 4 Sponsor Licence: 30 points
  • Maintenance and Fund Test: 10 points

Under the new system, a student’s visa is ‘locked’ to the Sponsor that issued the CAS used for their visa application.

Each student will be issued with the CAS, provided that he or she meets the following College and UK Government requirements:

  1. He/she is educationally qualified to follow the chosen course.
  2. He/she is expected to follow a full-time course of study.
  3. He/she has an acceptable study/career plan which includes any intended further and higher study after completing the College course, and/or employment plans on returning to the home country.

New Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS) for non EEA students 

From April 6th 2015 all non-EEA national students (except Australian and New Zealander*) who will need to pay a healthcare surcharge as part of their student visa application:

  • All non-EEA students (except Australian and New Zealander) who apply to come to the UK for a time-limited period of more than 6 months will have to pay for the healthcare charge in order to obtain a IHS reference number for visa application
  • The surcharge for students will be £300 per academic year (9 months).  The exact amount you have to pay depends on how much leave you’re granted.  If your application includes part of a year that is less than 6 months you’ll pay half of the yearly amount (£150).  You can find out how much you’ll have to pay from the following link:
  • You must pay the healthcare surcharge and obtain a IHS reference number before you submit or send your visa application.  Your visa application will be refused if you don’t pay the surcharge in full or do not include your IHS reference number in your visa application

* If you are a student from Australia or New Zealand, you still need to complete the process through the surcharge website.  The service will tell you that you don’t have to pay anything and will give you your IHS reference number for your visa application.

More information will be available on the Home Office website:

Changes to Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

From 18 March 2015 non EEA national students from some countries who apply for their student visas outside the UK will be issued a 30 day vignette (sticker) in their passports. They will be issued with a BRP that must be collected within ten days of their arrival in the UK. This process will extend to students from the rest of the world on 31 July 2015. For further information please see the following link:

Where do I collect my BRP card? 

From July 2015, all David Game College students can collect their BRP cards from the college. Please collect your card within 10 days of arriving to the UK. 

However, this service will only apply to those students who have provided the College's Alternative Collection Location (ACL code) during their visa application. Otherwise, please collect it from the Post Office within 10 working days of arrival to the UK. 

When completing the online visa application, there is a section called "Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Collection", just put the David Game College ACL code which is 2SC797 in the ALTERNATIVE LOCATION field and click on 'find', then click 'confirm'. Your BRP will be delivered to David Game College if your visa application is successful.

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