Activities & Events

David Game College provides a variety of extra-curricular opportunities throughout the year and we strongly believe these are central to the development of insightful and confident individuals. The activities offer our students a wealth of new experiences, developing their skills in leadership, team work, self-discipline and self-esteem.

Our extra-curricular activities are selected to support the main curriculum, stimulate curiosity, and help students understand their role in the wider community.

Examples of activities for our students include:

· Debating society

· Drama society

· The Student Council

· Charity events eg cake sales for specific causes

· Chess club

· Football; basketball; kayaking

· Reading club

· Theatre experience

· General educational visits eg, Museums, Parliament, the Royal Courts of Justice

· Outside speakers

· Supporting the local community

Sports & Fitness

Sports and fitness are also one of our priorities. London has many clubs, swimming pools and parks. If you like exercising and keeping fit, you will have plenty of choices. Our central London location means we take full advantage of using the local sports facilities. We also have an on-site gym. We hold regular training sessions and play matches against other colleges, in sports such as basketball and football. Other popular activities are badminton, squash, dance and yoga clubs.

Drama Society

Established in September 2014, its primary year sparked enormous interest from an internationally diverse group of students. It also saw the society produce two very accomplished performances as well as organising the opportunity to visit a West End show, which for many was their very first experience of professional theatre.

Aimed at anyone not just those who would be keen to perform, the society has quickly developed to include technicians as well as stage management. Costume, make-up and set design are also areas the society is keen to expand into with live music, singers and composers pivotal to its development.

Very much centred around collaboration, the last production was an original, scripted piece of devised theatre crafted, drafted, and performed by the very students themselves.  It is these types of activities that are at the very core of the group’s goals. Team-work, self-discovery, confidence-building, trust, and communication are just some of the reasons why drama is an excellent choice for an extra-curricular option.

Music Club

The Music Club was set up in September 2018. With the expansion of David Game Music Department for 2019 we are excited to be offering Music Technology AS and A level alongside Music GCSE and A Level. We are also level from Beginners including music theory and exam preparation. We have a team of visiting music teachers for strings, brass, percussion, guitar – bass and acoustic. So changing schools does not mean giving up your musical instrument and it can also be an opportunity to try something new. All students enjoy learning and creating new pieces so that they can perform in the end-of-term concert.

Debating Society

The Debating Society is run by students, with support from the Director of Studies. It enables students to exchange ideas and debate significant political and ethical issues. GCSE and A Level students are invited to participate in debates. Our students have competed in national competitions at UCL and Imperial College.

Student Council

The Student Council is made up of elected representatives of the student body.  Meetings are regularly held when students have the chance to discuss any matters of concern and to make suggestions about the academic and social life of the College.  The Student Council also arranges debates and discussions among students relating to current affairs and ethical issues.

Graduation Ceremony

Every year, we hold a graduation ceremony for students who have finished their examinations and are leaving the college. With good food, drinks, live music and a smart dress code, this wonderful event enables students and staff to say their goodbyes in style and celebrate the end of examinations together. Prizes are awarded to those students who have contributed to the College community throughout the year (for example, fund raising for charity) or have been nominated by teachers for outstanding progress in their subjects.

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