Our Approach

At David Game, we believe that it is essential to promote the joy of knowledge and learning, whilst simultaneously maintaining the sharpest possible focus on the demands of the examination process. Our learning approach blends modern methods with more traditional ways of learning, and we have a strong focus on numeracy and literacy. Our students are motivated and guided to try and extract their full potential and ensure that they exceed their expectations. We have an extensive personal tutor system that allows students to discuss their concerns over academic progress, so that the College can make adjustments to a student’s learning programme or provide additional support.

Academic Rigour

We conduct regular audits of examination board requirements to ensure that students and tutors are following the current examination specifications and options.  We place great emphasis on the successful time-management of our courses; it is essential that the teacher covers everything in the specification. 

We use exam-based teaching methods featuring written homework and timed tests.  Students receive regular examination practice in addition to sitting trial examinations in December and April.  By testing students regularly, we ensure full understanding of their subjects and build confidence for the final examinations.  Our teaching integrates content with study skills, revision testing, note-taking, critical thinking, speed reading, memory skills and time management.

Individual Attention

The small class sizes and intensive tuition mean that all students are given personal attention.  Where additional tuition is necessary, it is available on a one-to-one basis.

Pastoral Support

Students’ progress and attendance can be monitored by parents/guardians on the College intranet.  Parents are able to access the latest reports, marks and attendance records for their son or daughter through the Parent-Portal.

Students with Special Education Needs (SEN), Mental Health and Disabilities

The College values applications from students of all abilities, including those with special educational needs. The college will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the physical needs of less-abled students. Please advise us if you have learning difficulties, social-emotional-mental health issues or if you require exam access arrangements. Our SENCo and SEMH lead work closely with staff in order to tailor provision as well as with independent educational psychologists and counsellors to assess students’ individuals learning needs, especially if they require additional time in examinations or experience exam anxiety disorders.  The College places great emphasis on SEND and SEMH and works closely with parents to ensure that students secure the best possible learning environment for making progress. For more information please see our SEMH and SEND information report and policies.

Gifted & Most Able Students

As well as supporting those who may have some special educational needs, the College is also highly supportive of students who are gifted and most able.  Rapid learners who show advanced learning capabilities are pushed further through various strategies, such as additional and differential homework, work that stretches them beyond the immediate needs of the specification and wider reading around topics. The College Leadership Team identifies those who are deemed gifted and most able to ensure that some effort is in place to stretch them beyond the immediate curriculum and that they can fully discover their strengths in individual subjects.

Scholarships are available for students able to demonstrate special ability.  This is usually assessed through performance in previous examinations such as GCSE.