College Facilities

At David Game College we are proud of our facilities, which we believe complement our educational methods to contribute towards our high levels of success. Our independent College status has allowed us to tailor our 60,000sq foot, renovated building to suit our specific requirements. You can explore the virtual tour for an idea of layout and rooms.

Information on our facilities is laid out in more detail below. To discuss any other queries you may have regarding our facilities you can contact the College for further information or visit us in person.

Virtual Tour


Science Laboratories

The College has three purpose-built laboratories: for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Physics laboratory has been designed as an optimum space for experimental learning. The new Biology and Chemistry laboratories were designed by the Head of Science, aided by tutors, to custom students a premium experience. They are fully equipped to handle all GCSE and A Level experiments as well as students’ own project work, and contain state-of-the-art data recording and sensory equipment including up-to-date facilities for DNA analysis.

Boarding House

Our boarding house facilities opened in 2022. Comfortable, stylish, and ultra-modern, there is a 144-room capacity for boarders. The accommodation has the famous London skyline visible from many of the rooms, which range from single to ensuite to studio. The floors are grouped into small clusters which share a kitchen/lounge, bathrooms for the single rooms, and are supervised by live in House Parents. This is urban boarding for the 21st century, and we are very excited for this new chapter of David Game College. You can find more comprehensive information about the boarding house accommodation here.

Common Rooms & E-Gaming Room

With the inception of boarding at David Game College we have been able to create a dedicated common room area. There is a lounge for boarders to chat and play board games, or just relax on the comfortable sofas, and an additional space (A011) containing Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 games consoles alongside the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. Students must adhere to our request that the common area remain a respectful, nurturing space, where they can spend their downtime amongst friends.

Library & Study Room

The library provides students with a quiet and comfortable study area. Pupils can access the internet as well as reference books, past examination papers, and university prospectuses. Our computers all provide interactive study aids for GCSE Sciences and Mathematics. Further information on degree courses, universities and careers is available on request from the UCAS Advisors’ office.

Computer Suite & E-Learning

David Game College has its own servers that support web-based applications throughout the College. All students and staff have free access through Wi-Fi and the College has an advanced filtering system which allows students to use the internet safely and securely. Students can bring their own tablets and laptops for independent study, as long as these are in line with our IT and e-safety policy and only used as authorised during lessons.

The College has developed an in-house Moodle system and uses Google Classroom for setting homework and assignments. Classes often adopt a blended learning approach, using YouTube and other sites or applications as they assist the learning experience. Our e-learning strategies are constantly upgraded to reflect the most effective approach for our students, and that they tally with curriculum and specification-approved sites.

Art Rooms & Architectural Studio

The Art studios are light and well-resourced creative spaces, with ICT and Photoshop to aid students’ work. The College has many original paintings on display throughout its corridors and classrooms from David Game’s private collection, as well as exhibitions of current work.

Photography Studio & Dark Room

We have a photographic studio for shooting portraits and still life, equipped with studio flash and tungsten lights and several professional backgrounds. Alongside our darkroom, lessons are taught using a suite of Mac computers with the latest photo editing software.

Music Studio & Recording Suite

Our dedicated Music rooms and recording suites are fully equipped with the latest recording technology and a selection of live instruments for recording. This gives Music and Music Technology classes a professional edge.


Lecture Theatres & Study Rooms

We have a number of specialist classrooms including two auditoriums seating 70 and 220 students respectively. We use our large auditorium for school plays as well as seminars and workshops. For information on past productions and lecture topics, please get in touch. We also use this auditorium to screen a variety of films throughout the academic year.

Gym & Dance Studio

Our onsite gym and dance studios allow us to host a range of extra-curricular activities such as Yoga, Dance, and Fitness classes. These help our students stay physically active alongside their studies and are encouraged.

Canteen & Dining Room

The canteen in David Game College provides facilities for us to provide a full board meal service to all our boarders. Our catering allows students to enjoy well-balanced, freshly prepared meals every day with a variety of meat and vegetarian options. The canteen also offers a place for students to relax and meet friends, with BBC and Sky News available for anyone wishing to catch up on current events. There are many vibrant cafés and eateries located nearby for students preferring to eat/meet offsite, but the canteen remains a popular spot.

CCTV & Security

The College takes security very seriously and is mindful of its responsibility to safeguard all students in a secure environment. There is an in-house security system covering most areas of the College’s public floor space, with a network of high-definition cameras. The key terminals are located at the security desk and continuously monitored; further terminals are in reception. All visitors to the College must report to the security officer at the front desk to sign in and confirm their appointment.

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