Governance Advisory Committee

David Game College has its executive body held to account by a Governance Advisory Committee (GAC), comprising four individuals who are totally independent of the College. These members of the GAC act as a “critical friend” to the general running of the College in terms of its boarding and day provision. GAC members have each been allotted specific roles linked to their experience as senior educationalists and former inspectors of schools. The members often visit the College to engage in learning walks, probe the functioning of management and inspect the curriculum.

The principal role of the GAC is to ensure that the College is run properly, and that leadership and management are performing correctly and exceed regulatory compliance.  In particular, there is a significant focus on the implementation of the National Minimum Standards (NMS), safeguarding, H&S and the curriculum.  

The responsibilities of the GAC have been divided up into 10 domains:

  1. Safeguarding – including Prevent and safe recruitment
  2. Management and leadership (strategic intent and development, academic standards and outcomes) 
  3. Curriculum development and the quality of education (including core, PHSE, RSE, SMSC and BV, careers and teaching)
  4. Health and safety
  5. Communications  - internal and with parents, including policies and development plans
  6. Pastoral care (including SEND, mental health, medical issues and wellbeing)
  7. Boarding (IP, inspection of building, H&S, food, boarders’ wellbeing)
  8. Complaints and countering bullying
  9. Guardians and equality
  10. Admissions and attendance

The members of GAC attend Boarding meetings as well as separate sub-committee meetings with a focus on boarding and day issues. Their purpose is to question decision-making at the College and ensure that all decisions are, where relevant, child-centred and are in accordance with the values of the College.

The Members of the GAC are:

  • Jill Bainton
  • Lindsay Badenoch
  • James Eytle
  • Bill Brown