Central London Boarding School

At David Game College we provide a safe, nurturing and academically exciting and inclusive boarding environment, one in which all students are seen and their voices heard and listened to. We wish to develop a community of students that understands what their responsibilities are, and equally, what as a College our responsibilities are to them. Our values are strong and uncompromising. We want all students to have a rich, stimulating experience within our boarding provision, one in which their ambitions are realised and students strive for academic excellence, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to go on to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

We want all our students to learn and develop in a safe space, one free from any form of intolerance, harassment or discrimination. We celebrate diversity and embrace the value that many diverse cultures bring to the academic life of the College. The College ensure that all students are given excellent accommodation and will provide students with high quality and varied nutrition, advice on staying physically healthy, and help and support to maintain positive emotional health and wellbeing. Above all, we are a community committed to high standards, hard work and mutual respect.

The Aims of the David Game Boarding Community These include encouraging students to become global citizens who can rise to the challenge of the ever-changing demands of their future lives while developing into responsible and leading citizens in their communities.

We aim to:

1. create a community that ensures the welfare and safety of its students in an environment where they can feel secure, happy and above all healthy;

2. provide an atmosphere and structured environment that fosters high academic standards and intellectual curiosity amongst students, a place where young people can positively grow and learn beyond the curriculum;

3. provide a wide range of extracurricular activities that are age-related, which will assist and develop students’ sense of understanding of the wider world and help them gain a sense of achievement;

4. provide modern, purpose-built accommodation that is not only secure and comfortable but also respects student independence and privacy and provides high-quality individual rooms;

5. encourage students to take a full part in College, in particular the social and cultural events, enabling students to usefully use their time while in boarding to develop themselves as individuals;

6. provide an environment that respects everyone and has zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, bullying or intolerance of others, and recognises the need to follow all the College’s boarding rules and regulations and be a good member of the boarding community;

7. provide an environment that encourages the student voice, one that listens carefully to the needs of each student and provide channels for students to be able to reach out and have any of their day-to-day concerns listened to and acted upon;

8. develop each boarder’s sense of self-belief, identity, confidence in their own abilities, and give them a chance to express themselves and explore their talents;

9. develop leadership, confidence and resilience skills amongst boarders and

10. work with boarding staff in an atmosphere of mutual respect and foster teamwork to help establish useful routines, which will help students enjoy their time in boarding.


Why choose David Game College Boarding School?

David Game College commenced its boarding offering in 2022 with the opening of a new, purpose-built boarding house located adjacent and linked to the main college.  We now offer a complete package for students wishing to live and study in London. Everything we do in boarding is child-centred and puts the interests of boarders at the centre of all our decision-making and operations. Our priority is safeguarding and the wellbeing of all our boarders. Parents and guardians can relax with the reassurance that not only are boarders within a fantastic facility, they also have excellent continuous care and support for all their academic, social and emotional needs.

Our state-of-the-art boarding facility comprises 144 beautifully designed rooms. They are modern, comfortable, safe, and provide the perfect environment for relaxed study. We offer three room types – single, ensuite and studio. Rooms are configured into small clusters which share a kitchen, seating area and shared bathrooms for the single rooms. Our live-in House Parents supervise each floor, with students closely monitored, and standards maintained. While students are treated as young adults, they benefit from the security of knowing there is always someone to speak to should they need support.

A positive social environment is important to us. Our boarders have the opportunity to socialise in several areas provided across the boarding house. They also enjoy spending time in the common room area, which has comfortable sofas and a gaming room attached. Our boarding packages include fully catered meals served in the College canteen, meaning students don’t need to cook unless they want to! Our catering team serves a variety of tasty and nutritious meals aimed at satisfying our diverse multicultural community.

Choosing to board at David Game College provides the opportunity for complete immersion into College life and the associated academic and social benefits that this brings.  Being onsite for lessons with the backdrop of a location in the heart of the City of London means our boarders have all the tools they need to prosper in their studies, prepare for their future careers and grow into achieving adults.  The College provides a range of extracurricular trips and activities aimed at promoting social interaction, cultural appreciation and team challenges.  As an example, we take groups to the Houses of Parliament, British Museum, and London Eye.  We also have bouldering, escape room, bowling and other fun trips throughout the term.  Our boarders have an opportunity to suggest what they would like to do and we do our best to make it happen. 

We would be pleased to welcome prospective students into our growing community.

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