Located in the heart of London


David Game College

David Game College is in the heart of the City of London near historic buildings such as the Tower of London, the Bank of England, St Paul’s Cathedral as well as the modern and iconic buildings...


Tower Bridge

Just a stone’s throw away from the College, Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks, enduringly beloved by locals and visitors. To give its correct description, Tower Bridge...
Distance from college campus600 Metres


The Tower of London

One of London's most famous castles and a World Heritage Site, The Tower of London is a must see during your time at David Game College. Once a notorious prison, here you can meet the scarlet-attired...
Distance from college campus500 Metres


Bank of England

While our Business and Finance students may know it by the acronym BoE, the UK's central bank site holds a special place in the hearts of many City of London visitors. Synonymous with the quintessenti...
Distance from college campus950 meters


The Shard

The Shard is one landmark which can't be missed from the rooftop of David Game College. A 72-storey skyscraper, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, located just across the Thames river in South...
Distance from college campus1,150 Metres


Barbican Culture & Arts Centre

Fans of Brutalist architecture wax lyrical about the Barbican Culture and Arts Centre, and it’s not hard to see why – this vast, bold estate is one of London’s best examples of the s...
Distance from college campus1,600 Metres


St. Paul's Cathedral

There are certain historical sites which bestow a timeless sense of wonder – St Paul’s is such a place. One of the City’s oldest and most famous structures, with the first foundation...
Distance from college campus1,500 Metres


Shakespeare’s Globe

The Globe, on London’s famous South Bank, is a reconstruction of the theatre where William Shakespeare’s plays were performed in Elizabethan times. It is now a world-renowned theatre, educ...
Distance from college campus1,930 Metres


The Gherkin

30 St Mary Axe, more commonly known as: the Gherkin, is a commercial skyscraper towering over the City of London's financial district. The Gherkin opened as the Swiss Re Building in 2004 and completed...
Distance from college campus300 Metres

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