Support for International Students

Living in London is an exciting phase in any young person’s life, but this does not mean it is always an easy place to find your feet in. International student support is at the heart of David Game College UK’s long history; we have helped thousands of UK and international students adjust to life in London. We understand that change, and the capital, can be daunting, and there are many ways in which our students may need assistance.  

Our staff are on hand to help students settle into their new environment, and deal with any issues that might be encountered. We offer practical assistance with the following: 

  • Opening a UK bank account - we have special arrangements with several banks to make this as simple a process as possible. 

  • Registering with a local healthcare provider. 

  • Registering details with the London Metropolitan Police, if necessary. 

  • Understanding how to travel to and from the College, around London or outside the city. There is advice available regarding appropriate youth travel fare reductions and how to access them, including negotiating the Transport for London website and applying for discounted travel cards

  • Finding suitable amenities for food, drink, and entertainment, within the vast array of options - an important part of enjoying our wonderful city at its best. 

  • Ad hoc issues as they arise: again, our long history as a private college UK enables us to help our students, no matter what they need. 

Please be assured that we hold our students’ best interests and happiness at the forefront of our ethos – we are not just educators, but also here to safeguard them during this vital stage in their lives. We want their time at David Game College to be fruitful in every way – not just in terms of academic success, but in how comfortable our UK and international students feel living here and being part of the College community in London. Our success depends entirely on our students’ enjoyment of their time with us, and our holistic approach is essential in making sure we can guide them well whilst they live in the big city. 

We would be pleased to assist any parents/guardians who require further information on this topic, to help you choose the right British day and boarding school for your child. Our contact page is here.


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