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Posted on: November 7th 2014

David Game Debate Society competes nationally

David Game College Debate Society has competed at the national schools tournament "Debating Matters". The London round took place at UCL's famous Bentham Lecture Theatre. The two motions were "Should the UK withdraw from the EU" and "There are no longer a need for public libraries." 

Both debates were highly informed and entertaining. We narrowly lost the libraries debate against Mossbourne Academy but were able to defeat Kings College London Mathamatics School. One of the judges, a member of the CBI's Council, stated that our debate on the European Union used the same arguments he regularly hears in council meetings and the economic arguments used were absolutely spot on.

All in all it was a great evening, and we are thoroughly looking forward to the next competition!

Debate Society takes place every Tuesday from 630-730pm. All students are welcome. 

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