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Posted on: September 6th 2016

Celebrating GCSE Results 2016!

Our students did it again!

Here at David Game College we are pleased to announce our outstanding GCSE results and would like to wish all of our students a very well deserved congratulations!

With 38.7% of our students receiving A*-A and 79.8% receiving A*-C it has been another successful year, with many students achieving top grades across all the Sciences, Humanties, the Arts as well as Maths and Economics.  

For all of our students moving onto A-level we are looking forward to seeing you on ENROLMENT DAY this Thursday 8th September 10am onwards.

Congratulations to all of our students for getting outstanding grades this year.  Some notable top achievers are:

Student Name


Iman S

 8A* 1A

Yuhan L

 4A* 1A 1B

Eshamam-e M

4A* 1B

Xuanqi G

 3A* 2A 1C

Innocent E

2A* 3A

Jake C

 2A* 3A

Duan Z

2A* 1A 1C

Zhenfeng H

2A* 1B

Bhathia S

2A 2B

Katherine R


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