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Posted on: November 16th 2016

Parent Testimonial

We received a happy testimonial from a parent of one of last year's A-level students at David Game. 

"I sent my daughter Emma to David Game College. She was unsure of which direction to take with her studies, lacking in confidence and quite shy. After her two years at David Game, she was very inspired by the work she did with her art teacher Sarah Kasmin and had decided to follow up her studies in Art and Design. She had grown enormously in confidence and approached her new college for her Diploma course with a new sense of purpose and she is doing well there! She looks back on her time at David Game as the happiest in her school and college career. All the staff were very helpful."

B Hargreaves  

For more information on our GCSE and A-level Art courses at David Game College, please book an appointment with us on 0207 221 6665 or email us at 


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