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Posted on: January 16th 2017

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Get into UK Medical School for Dummies: Dr C. Chopdar & Dr N. Burton

Published by: John Wiley, £12.99

This short and concise overview of the fundamentals of trying to enter a UK medical school is worth the read. It covers the initial steps that students need to take as well as the various clinical aptitude tests that must be completed for most schools, including UKCAT and BMAT, but also covers GAMSAT. A very useful chapter is on how to prepare for interview and what students can do make themselves more attractive as candidates. At 247 pages, it took me a week to get through, but it was never boring and always focused on what really mattered. For me the best chapters were on the aptitude tests and how to prepare for interviews. I would highly recommend it for all potential medical students.


Biology: How Life Works 2nd Ed: Morris, et al

Publisher: Macmillan education, £48

Biology textbooks are becoming increasingly rare and expensive. So I was shocked and surprised by this new incredible hardback that I came across recently. The authors are all top professors in biology in the US, including three from Harvard. The book is a breath of fresh air because it has clearly been written in response to recent and exciting changes in biology, education and technology. The book has a focus on modern molecular biology, genetics and evolution, but covers most aspects of macro-topics in modern biology. It is richly illustrated and the writing is clear and takes the student logically through often difficult conceptual issues. I would highly recommend this textbook to those students who really want to push themselves ahead of A level standard, especially if they are applying to top universities.


John Dalton

Head of Science 

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