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Posted on: May 26th 2017

Selfie Review

Whether you’re a believer, a sceptic, or haven’t got round to seeing what all the fuss was about, the first play to wet the stage at David Game College’s new site in Jewry street by the Drama Society had pretty much been a miracle – essential viewing. The manipulative power of rhetoric and its ability to incite indignation at the everyday issues faced by young people had been at the heart of the comedy play Selfie, by Bradley Hayward.

It follows a group of eight late teens over their final year GCSE and the problems are mounting as they prepare for the future. Facing bullies, parents, pressure, sickness and their own self-judgment, the characters search for ways to stand out. As they document their year, one click at a time, they come to realise life is not about what other people see – it’s about the pictures they have of themselves.

Nicole, the good girl turned rebel, played by Hoorain, and Tyler, the bad boy turned good, played by Innocent, had been two robust, convincing leads. The rendering of Jessie by Anita and Laura by Haya has been as if reality was repeating itself on stage, two besties with the “most amazing hair”. Kaitlin, played by Nilgun, and Morgan, played by Michael were stars in their own right. Last, but not the least, Ed, who played Sam and was the understudy for Zack, interjected some meta-humour into the mix.

A happy-ever-after ending for the unlikely pair Zack and Kaitlin, so too for the cast’s mettle in making history on stage!

Written by Alexandra Raen
Head of GCSE English & Drama

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