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Posted on: August 16th 2012

A level results 2012

David Game is thrilled with our students' excellent A level results.  They have worked extremely hard and should be proud of their success.

Grades achieved were as follows:

A* A 39%
A*AB 73.7%
A*ABC 86%


A few of their excellent results so far, with the universities they will be attending:

Gunsu Han A* A* A* A* - Cambridge, Natural Sciences

Torezhan Amanzholov A* A* A* A* - University College London, Mathematics and Economics

Ademola Adebayo A* A A B - University College London, Mechanical Engineering

Ayo Agbaje A* A* A A - Imperial College, Mechanical Engineering

John Ahn A* A* A - University College London, Mathematics

Jemima Bondo A A B - Sussex, Economics

Hoang Dao A A A - Bristol, Economics

Qing Guo A* A A - King's College London, International Business and Finance

James Katz A B B - Royal Holloway College, Economics

Helen Matesun A A B - London School of Economics, Social Policy and Economics

Edward Moi A B C

Giao Nguyen A* A* A* - University College London, Economics

Elizabeth Shalomi  A*A A - Bristol, Economics and Finance

Li Li Win A* A* A - University College London, Mathematics

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