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Posted on: February 6th 2013

Medical Lecture

Dr Miriam Armstrong gave a talk on the structure of the NHS this Monday at our College. The talk also included how risk is perceived in the medical world and how difficult decisions have to be made when handling certain cases. Dr Armstrong has just completed her PhD in Epidemiology at UCL and previous to this was a dental surgeon and health consultant in the NHS.

Statistics about the NHS were explained to students, such as it employing (directly and indirectly) over 2 million people in the UK with a budget of over £100 billion. Dr Armstrong explained how the NHS was structured and how complex the system was, but that it still had incredible fidelity. The session was highly interactive and over all students felt that they had understood the NHS more clearly and that they had a better grasp of risk and how it used by clinicians to make decisions. The talk was arranged by John Dalton our Vice-Principal.


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