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Posted on: October 10th 2019

World Mental Health Day

David Game College is keen to support Global Mental Health Day as the "normalisation" of mental health issues and their recognition begins to mobilise support from, all elements of society. Far too long neglected, everyone has some mental health issues at some stage of their lives and many people live with generalised anxiety disorder, depression, stress, and a raft of other disorders. This day is important because it highlights the most important fact of all - you are not alone, you’re not the only one with wellbeing concerns. If you’re not feeling sometimes great, then look around you, the person on the train opposite you, the person walking past you, anyone can have mild mental health issues, it is perfectly normal. Getting from a negative towards a positive mood is very possible with help and guidance, and the right company of helpful friends. 

Global Mental Health Day is important because it helps further erode any remaining stigma that surrounds discussions about mental health. It may be difficult to talk about things that trouble you, but talking and facing issues is the best way forward. We at David Game College are committed to developing a positive mental health culture - one in which any one can seek help or just simply talk with a trusted person and share their worries. Never forget that you are not alone, you part of huge community in our college, and indeed, human kind. Our job is to help you succeed, and that does not stop at academia, your state of mind, mood, energy and motivation are all of critical concern to us all. And remember, a healthy body helps keep a healthy mind in check. 

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