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Posted on: March 16th 2020

Painting of the Month

#PaintingOfTheMonth There are over 1000 paintings hanging on the walls of David Game College at 31 Jewry Street in the City of London. It's not easy choosing a favourite, but our #art teacher Sarah Kasmin pointed out this one by John Hubbard, which can be found at the top of the stairwell, near our art studio.

"I often refer to the art in this building during my classes, such as this one by John Hubbard," says Sarah. "I love the use of colour in this painting, the atmosphere, mood, use of expression. It really gets into the spirit of being in the countryside. You can almost hear it, smell the air, the weather, and I love the scale of this painting. It's a human scale, the width of your arms spread out. We have some great pieces by John Hubbard and so many others at the college; this isn't the only one."

What is your favourite painting at David Game College? If you're on campus, take a picture and tag us.

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