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Posted on: March 16th 2020

Advice and the College Position on Covid-19

Advice and the College Position on Covid-19

Date: 16th March 2020

The College is very mindful that people are asking numerous questions about the current crisis situation and the stress and anxiety this is all causing.  Please be reassured that we are doing everything possible to mitigate the problems caused as much as we can and that we are fully committed to the safety of all students, staff, parents and visitors.

Below is the College’s general position and advice on what we are doing and adjustments/contingencies that are being made:

  1. The College is still operational and will not close unless it is asked to by Public Health England or the DfE (or other relevant regulatory body)
  2. We are following the evidence-based advice of the Government only
  3. Any student/parent/visitor/Guardian who has symptoms or who may have been in contact with someone who has or may have symptoms is asked to self-isolate as per Government instructions
  4. The College is currently in the process of preparing students for a number of e-learning platforms, such as Zoom and Google Classroom in the event of closure or lockdown
  5. All College trips have been cancelled
  6. All trips by staff abroad have been cancelled
  7. Communications have been sent to parents about updates on any students who have new underlying health conditions; those with diabetes and other relevant conditions may wish to isolate themselves based on specific health advice
  8. Parents/Guardians who voluntarily seek to not send their child/ward to College because they deem it is a risk based on a personal judgement, will be marked as absent and this absence will technically be unauthorised. This is the advice from the City of London, Local Authority for Schools.
  9. The GCSE Parents’ Evening this week has been cancelled
  10. The College has developed a specific risk and emergency committee to oversee all adjustments and changes necessary
  11. Deep cleaning is occurring daily inside the College and numerous hand sanitizers are available throughout the College – with all staff and students instructed about their hygiene
  12. The College is closely monitoring the health of all students and staff, and we have the ability to take digital temperatures via laser (thermometer gun)
  13. Until instructed otherwise, the College examination timetable will go ahead; if this changes, then all relevant parties will be informed
  14. If a teacher is forced to self-isolate then attempts will be made to ensure continuity in terms of teaching
  15. Please contact the College if you have any questions or seek clarification on any of the above

John Dalton


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