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Posted on: March 19th 2020

COVID-19 Exams Information

David Game College Statement

Thursday, 19 March 2020


Exams in the UK have been cancelled.  The shock of that decision, which we all knew to be a possibility but were not expecting to happen at this stage, turns to calm as we accept that we now know where we stand.  Outlined below is how we intend to move forwards with boldness and determination, in response: 


Whilst some had wondered whether IGCSEs might still go ahead, it was confirmed, this morning, that IGCSEs are cancelled

What is not yet confirmed, however, is how grades will be allocated.  Our candidates must, therefore, work hard to ensure that the work they are doing now counts as evidence of the grade that they deserve.  When we understand the criteria, we will work hard to ensure that our candidates receive the grade that they deserve. 

AS Levels 

Our AS candidates are those who have the most clarity.  They can expect to sit all of their exams next summer.  The exam board may decide to add a mid-year exam session for AS exams, but we must work to the assumption that all exams will be taken in the summer of 2021.  Their applications to university will be based on predicted grades and their predicted grades will be based on the work they are doing now.  So, they must read this paragraph, take a deep breath and get to work.  The work they do now will make a big difference to their eventual outcomes.  We will support them, tirelessly.

Some of you will ask whether your child will automatically transition into the 2nd year, from September.  The answer at this stage is Yes. If there are any concerns over any individual candidates, they will be communicated directly to those parents but the message here is clear: AS candidates must continue to work hard to gain excellent predicted grades and final grades and will all be returning to us as soon as College re-opens. 

Second Year A Level

Some 2nd year A Level candidates will be feeling deflated and concerned about the decision to cancel exams, worrying about what this means for them.  Our response to them is clear: their grades have not yet been decided and the criteria for setting their grades has not yet been set. So, the work that they are doing now becomes the most relevant evidence that they have of their ability to achieve the highest grades.  They must continue to work in order to produce the best work possible and the College will work hard to ensure that, when the criteria is set, our students get the grades they deserve.

After that, they have an opportunity.  Universities will be in new territory as they agree and allocate places. What will your child be doing to ensure that they place themselves in the strongest position possible?  This could mean individual research, online courses or even online qualifications.  It could mean thinking creatively or even entrepreneurially in response to this crisis and demonstrating their true character, as a result.  Our staff will be working online with the students to keep them motivated and finish their courses.

Grading criteria

School leaders are waiting for clarity on how grades will be allocated.  We have no further information, at this stage.  When we do, we will not only communicate it immediately but we will work tirelessly to ensure that our students receive the best grade that they deserve. 

School re-opening 

The government has offered no advice on when schools will re-open. As soon as they do, we will communicate this to you and start to receive your children back to David Game College once it is safe for them to return. Many of you will wonder whether there will be self-isolation imposed on return and the only response to that is that in a situation that changes by the hour, we simply cannot know.  What matters is that students know that when we re-open, they will return. And we cannot wait to see them.

In the midst of a crisis none of us have ever faced or imagined, there is a spirit in the College that demonstrates the true spirit of resilience and hope.    Finally, we thank you all, as parents, for your calmness and support throughout this process.  Please be reassured that we endeavour to everything possible to ensure that your child gets access to the best advice and guidance through this difficult time.

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