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Posted on: August 14th 2020

University Destinations 2020

We are extremely proud of our students for their dedication throughout the transition to online learning towards the end of the school year. Congratulations to all of our students who have received their results and are off to University this year. Finally, we would like to thank you all, as students and parents, for your calmness and support throughout this process. 

A few confirmed offers from our students are: 

Will is off to Kings College, London to study Medicine

Kumsal is off to Queen Mary University to study Aerospace Engineering

Rea is off to Manchester University to study Geography

Emily is off to University of Bristol to Study Music

Brendon is off to Kings College, London to study Computer Science

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us to say thank you. 

"Thank you all for your amazing support over the past year. When I first arrived at David Game College, on the 20th of September, it had been a distant dream.Thank you for making it a reality."


"We just want to say how grateful we are for what you and the college have done for Rea.  Rea has got a A A B for her A Level and has been accepted by the Manchester University.    She is soooo happy now."

Rea's Parents

"I'm sure you must be incredibly busy at this moment but I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the last three years which has helped me get a place at King's College for the upcoming academic year."


"I just wanted to let you know that my place to study has been confirmed at Queen Mary. Thank you very much for believing in and helping me throughout the last two years. I couldn’t have done this without your & my teachers’ help and support!"


"I have just received my result and I got an A in Music. So I'm now going to University of Bristol! Thank you for all the support and help, I have been encouraged and inspired by you so much!"


"We would like to thank you all for your great teaching & guidance for our son. Will made it to the university he wanted. It has been incredible journey for us as Will decided to change his career path only 14 months ago and taking the first step a year ago by taking UCAT test. It was only possible for him to achieve the goal with your great teaching and guidance. We cannot thank enough."

Will's Parents

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