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Posted on: January 7th 2021

Exams 2021 Cancellation

Exam 2021 Cancellation: Position Statement

Teacher assessments will replace GCSE and A-level exams in England this summer, education secretary Gavin Williamson confirmed yesterday.  The regulator, Ofqual, has drawn up a range of contingency options and further details and consultations will begin next week.

Although the College will wait for further information and consultation from Ofqual before it makes any more communications about how standardised assessment will take place, it is clear that students must engage fully in the curriculum and take all tests, homework and lessons extremely seriously. The College will provide the curriculum via Zoom and attendance will be closely monitored. 

Once Ofqual has completed its consultation period and published further guidance, the College will provide a summary of the key points so that staff and students can better understand how standardised assessment will take place this year.

Any predicted grades (e.g. UCAS exam grades) are not centre assessed grades, rather they are predictions of future potential, based on an extrapolation of recent attainment.

According to Edexcel, International GCSEs examinations will still take place in summer, but the College is exploring the risks and uncertainties around this. We will be in touch as soon as we have more information. 

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