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Posted on: February 4th 2021

David Game College Digital Calendar 2021

“Best Moments of 2020” as the widely-circulated video message reads. Only, when you press the ‘start’ arrow, nothing happens. But this is too harsh: while 2020 will be remembered for the loss of loved ones, and for turning our world upside down, it also brought out the best in human nature – kindness, sacrifice, community spirit, innovation and above all resilience. I am proud of our efforts to keep the College open and provide all our students with full access to the curriculum. Our staff and parents all nobly rose to the occasion. Any great peril brings out the best in people and advances in technology. 2020 witnessed the creation of vaccines which will benefit us all for years to come. You can never crush the human spirit and Covid-19 has shown all of us can come together and ultimately defeat what has threatened us. The photos in this calendar show how much there is to enjoy near home. Those of Senegal, taken just before Covid, express the excitement of exploring the wider world. As Founder and Principal, I believe more than ever in our College ethos of never giving up on students, and in the indomitable force that keeps us all moving forward. We will enter 2021 with courage, conviction and hope.”

- David Game, Chairman, David Game College Group


If you would like to download our digital calendar for 2021. Please click here. 

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