GCSE & IGCSE Entries

GCSE examination entries for private (external) candidates

Please note: for the latest COVID -19 announcements and information for private candidates please refer to our COVID-19 Guidance page or view our latest news section where we will keep you up to date. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: we do not offer predicted or centre assessment grades for private candidates. If you would like to contact our exams department please do so thorough the form at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: June 2021 GCSE, IGCSE, AS & A level – we are no longer accepting private candidate application for this exam series. City Tutors is unable to take on anymore private candidate that require centre assessment grade and evidence.



4BI1 Biology                             £ 150 £ 250
4BS1 Business  £ 150 £ 250
4CH1 Chemistry  £ 150 £ 250
4EC1 Economics  £ 150 £ 250
4EA1 English Language A   £ 150 £ 250
4EB1 English Language B  £ 150 £ 250
4ES1 English as a Second Language  £ 150 £ 250
4ET1 English Literature  £ 150 £ 250
4PM1 Further Pure Mathematics  £ 150 £ 250
4GE1 Geography  £ 150 £ 250
4HI1 History £ 150 £ 250
4HB1 Human Biology  £ 150 £ 250
4MA1 Mathematics                                      £ 150 £ 250
4PH1 Physics                         £ 150 £ 250
4RS1 Religious Studies  £ 150 £ 250
4SD0 Science (Double Award / Combined) £ 200 £300

Note: for English Language 4EA1, we will only accept candidates taking the written papers 1 and 2; applications from candidates requesting paper 3 (coursework) will not be considered. 

The standard entry fee will be £ 150 per subject with a deadline of  3pm on Friday 26 February 2021. After this deadline, we will still consider late applications with an entry fee of £ 250 (per subject), subject to available space. 


4CN1 IGCSE Chinese £ 200 ( incl. speaking examination) £ 300
4FR1 IGCSE French £ 200 ( incl.speaking examination) £ 300 
4SP1 IGCSE Spanish £ 200 ( incl. speaking examination) £ 300  

The standard entry fee will be £ 200 per subject with a deadline of  3pm on Friday 26 February 2021. After this deadline, we will still consider late applications with an entry fee of £ 300 (per subject), subject to available space. 

Please note that all applications from prospective candidates requiring extra time in their examinations MUST be received no later than Friday 7 August 2020, supported by valid documentation; please see the detailed notes in our Terms & Conditions (point 3 Access Arrangements).

Access Arrangement application fee £ 50.00  Friday 7 August 2020
Use of a computer £ 35.00 per hour

Friday 7 August 2020

For candidates who require a computer to complete their examinations. Candidates examinations will take place in a separate room with an invigilator (limited spaces available).

Extra Time  25% of the exam fee Friday 7 August 2020


Please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS for potential Private (External) Candidates BEFORE making an application. When you register, you will be asked to sign a declaration to the effect that you have understood the Terms and Conditions,  in particular that there will be no refund of entry fees in the event of subsequent cancellation. Also please read our Privacy Notice on how we use your personal data and how long we retain it.

If you are applying to be a Private (External) Candidate for the first time at David Game College, you will need to complete the EXTERNAL EXAMINATION ENQUIRY application below.

For more information please contact us or call 020 7221 6665 ext 116

One of the examinations team will then contact you via telephone to check the details of your enquiry (correct codes, documentation etc) and will send you the link for the DGC Private Candidate Online Registration Form if everything is in order. 

Please ensure you have your most recent Statement(s) of Results to upload.If you have more than one (eg one from AQA, one from Edexcel) it is important that you upload all of them, even if they relate to subjects you will not be taking in your future examinations.  This is to enable us to check your Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) and to resolve any associated problems (for example, if your previous school or college has made the mistake of allocating you a new UCI when you already had one from elsewhere).

Note: if you have never taken a GCSE / IGCSE / AS / A level examination before (and hence do not have a Statement of Results from a previous examination session), please do not worry - just mention this to our examinations team when you register and they will allocate you a UCI number.  The same applies to mature students who last took a public examination ten or more years ago.  It is vital that you tell us if you already have a UCI number allocated by another school or college, and provide documentary evidence verifying that UCI number.

Please have these documents ready to upload:

  1. two passport-sized photographs signed and dated on the back
  2. the original document and a photocopy of one of the following forms of identity:
    i. passport page showing personal data and photograph
    ii. driving licence showing photograph
    iii. any other photographic proof of identity
  3. your most recent examination Statement(s) of Results as explained above

Once we have verified all your documentation , we will send you an invoice which will explain how you need to pay via bank transfer. This invoice must be settled no later than the following working day (dated on the invoice).



External Examination Enquiry

External Examination Enquiry
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