Terms and Conditions


1. Accuracy of Entry Codes

It is vital that you provide clear unambiguous information with regard to the examinations you wish to be entered for.  This means correct unit codes and (where relevant) option details.  This is especially important in subjects with many different options such as Government and Politics, History and Religious Studies.  Please note - if information supplied by prospective candidates is missing or in any way misleading or ambiguous, the entry will not be accepted. It is particularly important that students applying to take AS or A level examinations in May / June 2019 verify whether the entry is for an OLD (legacy) modular AS / A level unit or a NEW "stand-alone" linear AS or A level qualification. Please be extra vigilant when supplying entry codes for these examinations.

2. Payment

When you come in to register for your examination(s), we will check your previous examination documentation (where relevant) plus your photographic ID. Once this has been done you will be given an invoice which you should then use to make payment via internet banking or bank transfer, by the deadline shown on the invoice. The registration will only be confirmed once payment has been received in full.

Deferred payments or instalments will not be accepted under any circumstances. If additional units or subjects are required after the initial registration of entries, these must be paid for in full (inclusive of any late entry fees where relevant) before the initial entries are amended.

Please note - refunds will NOT be issued in the event of cancellation under any circumstances.  In the event of exceptional circumstances - for example, a period in hospital which prevents the candidate from taking an examination -  the entry will be deferred to a future available examination session of the candidate's choice with no additional fees being due, provided we are supplied with documentary evidence to verify what has happened.

3. Access Arrangements

Prospective private (external) candidates who require extra time in their examinations should in the first instance telephone our exams office (020 7221 6665 ext 116) to ascertain the up to date position with regard to available space. We commonly receive more applications from private candidates requiring extra time than we can possibly accommodate, even where the candidate is able to provide correct documentation. If we still have places for candidates requiring Access Arrangements, you will  be asked in due course to provide ALL of the following documents: 

a) The most recent Educational Psychologist's report for the candidate, including results of all tests.

b) The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) Form 8 (all three sections A, B and C) which should have been completed by the candidate's previous school or college, as part of their application for additional time in examinations on behalf of the candidate. 

c) Examples of recent pieces of written work by the candidate, preferably in one of the examination subjects the candidate is seeking to take at David Game College as a private (external) candidate.

We regret that we are unable to accept any applications from potential private (external) candidates who require a reader or a scribe, as our own internal candidates have "first call" on these services, and we do not have access to an unlimited number of rooms and invigilators during examination periods.

IMPORTANT: under no circumstances will we accept applications from potential private (external) candidates who bring us out of date and / or incomplete documentation, promising to rectify the situation at a later date.  Likewise, any requests for access arrangements linked to a medical condition must be backed up by a valid, up to date doctor's certificate or hospital letter which describes the circumstances in as much detail as possible, and makes clear how the examination performance will be affected by the medical condition and / or side effects caused by drugs prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Finally, it is regretted that we cannot guarantee that we will accept every application from external candidates requiring Access Arrangements.  Our decision whether to accept a particular application is final and is non-negotiable.


4. Timetable Clashes

Clashes between examinations taking place solely at David Game College will be resolved by the Examinations Officer (Ms Morris), and the solution will be indicated clearly on the Statement of Entry before it is posted to you.  If a candidate is taking examinations at another centre as well as at David Game College, it is the candidate's responsibility to inform us at the time of entry about these other examinations, in order that potential clashes may be dealt with efficiently.  Failure to provide us with such information may result in a problem which cannot be solved, and candidates will not have their entry fees refunded if they are unable to attend examinations here under such circumstances.

5. Coursework / language oral tests / language listening comprehension tests / practical subjects

We will not consider applications from private candidates for coursework components, language oral tests, language listening comprehension tests, examinations requiring a DVD player, science practicals or Art and Design.  Applications from AS and A level candidates who wish to carry forward coursework marks from previous examination sessions, and who are able to supply valid documentation at the time of entry will be considered; please refer to the paragraph on this point towards the top of the AS / A level entries page.

6. What is covered by your examination entry fees?

When you register as a private candidate at David Game College, you will be entered for the correct examinations in the name given in your proof of identity; and we undertake to:

  1. provide you with your Examination Statement of Entry ("timetable")
  2. solve any timetable clashes
  3. send you any relevant pre-release material at the earliest possible opportunity
  4. organise all your examinations efficiently
  5. ensure that your scripts are sent by secure delivery methods to the examination boards
  6. provide you with your results on the relevant day(s), plus information on post-results services
  7. provide you with any post-results services you may request once these have been paid for

7. What is NOT covered by your examination entry fees?

It is NOT our responsibility to recommend textbooks, or to provide you with specifications ("syllabuses"), past papers, mark schemes or examiners' reports. These can be downloaded from or as appropriate.

Please note that as an external (private) candidate we are not in a position to comment on your academic progress, so we do not provide references for private candidates. In the event that a private candidate misplaces their Statements of Results after we have provided the documentation, we are always prepared to provide the information to any employer, course director or other interested party who may request it, but no references.

8. Courtesy

Most people who apply to be private (external) candidates are friendly and polite.  On very rare occasions, we encounter people (in person or on the telephone) who fall short of accepted standards.  All applicants should be aware that no centre is obliged to take on a private (external) candidate and that examination boards will not intervene if a centre refuses to accept an individual as a private (external) candidate.  As with all other examination centres, we reserve the right to refuse to accept a prospective private (external) candidate and we are not obliged to give a reason if we decide not to accept an application.  Our decision whether or not to accept an application from a private (external) candidate is final and non-negotiable.

Prospective private candidates will be asked to sign a declaration that they have read and understood the above Terms and Conditions before payment is accepted and entries are registered.

Nicolia Morris
(Examinations Officer)


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