GCSE Business Course

What board do we do? Edexcel (4BS1).

What is Business?
The course is designed to give students a sound understanding of business and the ability to use knowledge, skills and understanding appropriately in the context of international markets and the United Kingdom (UK).

Which subjects combine well with Business? Business combines with any other arts or science subjects at IGCSE.

What can Business lead to? A good grade at IGCSE can enable you to go on to study for AS GCE Business or an equivalent qualification.  In particular it helps students to: 

  • relate their learning to real business examples
  • be aware of current issues which affect businesses, their operation and success, and how they adapt to change
  • focus on current business practice
  • understand the importance of seeing business issues and situations through different perspectives
  • be aware that information communication technology is essential to business decision making processes and success, and affects all functional areas of business.

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