GCSE Chemistry Course

What board do we do? Edexcel

What is Chemistry? 

We are firmly committed to the teaching of separate sciences at this level, and have elected to follow IGCSE (as opposed to GCSE) as we believe it is intellectually more challenging, and gives a more accurate indication of the nature of the subject at AS /A level for students who want to want to continue to study the subject post-16.

We follow Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry  4CH1, which covers atomic structure and bonding; formulae and equations; the mole concept; ions and electrolysis; Periodic Table and related studies; reactivity series of metals; chemical tests for ions and gases; organic chemistry; energetics; rates of reaction; equilibrium; acids and alkalis. The structure of the examination is as follows:

Paper 1  (4CH1 / 1C) Written paper (2 hours, 61.1 % of the total marks)

This paper is designed to test candidates’ knowledge and recall of the whole specification.

Paper 2  (4CH1 / 2C) Written paper (1 hour and 15 minutes,  38.9 % of the total marks)

This paper tests the ability of candidates to apply their assumed knowledge to unfamiliar situations, their data-handling skills, and ability to draw and interpret graphs. It includes questions targeted at the most able candidates, covering the grade range A* to B.


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