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GCSE French Course

What board to we do? Edexcel 

What is IGCSE French? 

We have elected to follow  IGCSE (as opposed to GCSE) as we believe it is intellectually more challenging, and gives a more accurate indication of the nature of the subject at A level for students who want to want to continue to study the subject post-16.

The qualification requires students to develop their knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical structures. The syllabus includes 5 main topic areas: Home and abroad, Education and employment house, Home and daily routines, The Modern world and the environment, Social activities, fitness and health. The qualification gives students the opportunity to:

 · develop their ability to listen to and understand the spoken French language in a range of contexts and a variety of styles

 · read and respond to different types of written language

 · communicate in writing

 · understand and apply a range of vocabulary and structures

 · develop effective language learning and communication skills

 · communicate in speech for different purposes.

We follow the Edexcel International GCSE in French qualification French  4FR0.This qualification comprises three external assessments, Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3.

The structure of the examination is as follows:

Paper 1  (4FR01)       : Listening                               

Students will be required to listen to a range of factual and non-factual material of varying lengths, in different contexts and in different registers.

Paper 2  (4FR02)       : Reading and Writing

Students will be required to read a range of authentic factual and non-factual written material of varying length, in different registers and contexts, and from different sources.

Paper 3 (4FR03)        : Speaking

The speaking test will recognise the achievement of the student in speaking the target language. Each student will give a presentation for up to one minute on a picture they have chosen. A discussion with the will then follow; then the interviewer chooses two additional topic areas for the two conversations in Section B.

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