Examinations for Private Candidates

David Game College has been a recognised examination centre since 1974. The College accepts private candidates for many examinations set by:

  • Pearson / Edexcel
  • AQA ( Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)

All private candidates who register for examinations at David Game College can expect:

  • A fast, accurate, efficient service
  • Timetable clashes to be resolved without fuss
  • Applications for Access Arrangements (where relevant) to be dealt with tactfully and professionally (NB Please refer to point 3 of our Terms & Conditions)
  • Statements of Entry to be annotated to cover timetable clashes, to show 100% correct information (subject and personal details), and to be distributed to students well ahead of the examinations they relate to.
  • All issues relating to cash-in codes to be dealt with efficiently and without fuss
  • To be provided with all necessary materials where it is our responsibility, for example any relevant pre-release material and formula/data booklets.


AS/A Level Entries

Terms & Conditions for External Candidates

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We do not offer predicted or centre assessment grades for private candidates. If you would like to contact our exams department please do so thorough the form at the bottom of this page.


Private Candidate Enquiry

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