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Posted on: January 9th 2017

Book Reviews: January 2017

Medical Programme and Life Science


The Origins of Everything in 100 Pages: David Bercovici


Published by Yale University Press, £12.99

This book is a fascinating short account of the creation of stars and galaxies, how the earth’s atmosphere and ocean’s formed, and the origin of life on earth.  Rocketing through 14 billion years and making connections between essential theories, this is a special literacy endeavour, which fascinates and captivates the reader.  Few books so concisely and cogently bring readers through such diverse topics as astrophysics, particle physics, tectonics, and photosynthesis. I found the chapter on Oceans and Atmosphere most informative. Suitable for those doing A-level sciences and those interested pursuing degrees in: Geology, Biogeography, Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.

The author, David Bercovici is the Frederick William Beinecke Professor of Geology and Geophysics at Yale University. 


What is Life? Addy Pross


Published by Oxford University Press, £9.99

This wonderful book uncovers the chemical roots of Darwinian theory, using systems chemistry to generate insights about how life arose. It explores what gives life its unique characteristics and how did life emerge from non-life. The chapter on Stability and Instability provides useful insights on why chemical reactions occur and how this effects RNA replication. Suitable for A-level students and those interested in pursuing degrees in: Biochemistry, Medicine, Chemistry or Biophysics.

The author, Addy Pross, is Professor of Chemistry at Ben Gurion University of the Negav, Israel. 


John Dalton

Head of Science 

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