Znaniye Russian Curriculum

Why choose a GCSE or A Level Course with the Znaniye Russian Curriculum?

The course blends the languages and cultures of Russia and Britain providing an extensive Russian curriculum which has been devised by leading Russian institutions around the world. The curriculum is aligned to both Russian and British education standards and has been modified to incorporate tutorials and seminars to prepare students for further university studies. This is a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in both a Russian and British curriculum.

Our Russian speaking staff will support students and their families from the application stage to the completion of the course.

Course Description:

Alongside a GCSE or A Level course students will also study GCSE or A level Russian and the Znaniye Russian curriculum.

Typically, GCSE courses comprise four hours’ teaching per week per subject and for A Level four or five hours per subject per week. The same will be true for the Russian GCSE and A Level.

In addition to the GCSE or A level course, student will have three hours teaching of the Znaniye Russian Curriculum per week with a fortnightly two-hour tutorial session.

The Znaniye Russian Curriculum includes:

Russian History

During Russian history classes students will study key features and characteristics of historical periods. The focus of these history sessions will be Soviet and Russian history. Students will learn to research and use a range of source material which will all be in Russian. As well as researching and improving Russian reading and analysis, students will also learn to understand the material, interpret and cross-reference sources. The sessions will also encourage students to explain and make judgements about historical events and periods. This course will help students develop skills such as analysis and evaluation of historical interpretations.

Russian Language

Russian Language will explore all the main grammatical areas from nominal declensions (nouns, adjectives, pronouns), use of cases, and the verbal conjugations, and tenses as well as look further into more areas of the Russian Language. Oral practice with a native language tutor is also provided and important for language development. The course will make sure the there is an easy transition for students as they excel through the programme. This course will improve student’s ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively. Students taking this course will learn how to employ a wide-ranging vocabulary, use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and develop a personal style and an awareness of the language.

Russian Literature

Russian Literature classes will explore some of the most famous Russian writers of all time and look at works such as Eugene Onegin by Pushkin as well as works by Lermontov, Turgenev, Dostoevsky and many more. All texts will be studied in Russian and students will discuss various themes in classes. Within this component students will delve into the rich artistic and intellectual heritage that includes great writers such as Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.


Tutorials will be project and research-based. These will give students an opportunity to have interactive sessions on topics of interest to them. Topics will be chosen as a group and will look at political affairs, news topics, current trends, cultural events and traditions among others. Russia today is increasingly influential on the world stage in terms of politics, economics, art and culture. Tutorials will give students the chance to explore these various areas and conduct in-depth research and prepare projects and presentations. As well as improving on research, analysis and comprehension students will have improved on public speaking and presentations and debating. Held in seminar style sessions this will ease students into university style of learning and teaching.

All our Russian teachers have studied Russian Language at university. Teachers have a first degree in the subject they graduated in and also have a teaching degree.  All our Russian teachers are further trained by the Znaniye Russian School in partnership with such prestigious institutions as RUDN, Moscow and the Pushkin Institute at Moscow State University. Our Russian teachers have over five years of experience of preparing students for Russian GCSE or A-levels.

At the start of January students will sit a mock examination after which they will receive thorough consultations from their teachers so that they can be prepared to the highest level for the final examination. More information about the Russian GCSE/ A-level course can be found under specification on the Pearson/Edexcel website.

What can students achieve at the end of this course?

Students will complete a GCSE or A level course in subjects of their choosing.

They will also complete the GCSE or A Level in Russian which will be sat with the Pearson/Edexcel board.

Until now, all our students who have sat the GCSE or A level in Russian have achieved an A or A* grade.

Further to this A Level students studying the Znaniye Russian Curriculum will have the opportunity to sit the Unified National Examinations (EGE). These examinations will take place at the end of year 13 and will be arranged on an individual basis, upon the request of the family.

This programme will start in January 2020. If you are interested to apply or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our bilingual staff on 

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