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Typically 100% of our Retake Students improved their grade with us by at least one grade. 

One-Year A Level Retake Course

This course is for students who have previously studied AS or A levels and wish to re-take to improve their grades. Students can choose to retake just one or more of the subjects, or simply add an extra A level to their existing results to apply to University the following year. 

On this course you will;

  • study one to three A level subjects intensively in one year
  • take A level examinations in one to three subjects at the end of the year.
  • An exceptionally bright student may be able to take this course without any previous A level background.

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One-Year GCSE/IGCSE Retake Course

One year GCSE courses are equally suitable for students who wish to retake their GCSEs, or for students who wish to raise their grades and for those who have never taken GCSE before and wish to do so in one year.  These courses would also suit those who have been home-educated as a final preparation for the examinations.

IGCSE examinations are favoured by the leading independent schools as a harder test and as a better preparation for AS and A levels.  The questions tend to be more traditional in style and we offer most subjects in this format.

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