A level Spanish Course

What board do we do? Edexcel A level code: 9SP0

The A level in Spanish aims to encourage students to develop their interest for language learning considering their study of the language in a broader context. Therefore, it aims to develop students’ awareness and understanding of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage as well as to communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in the target language for a range of purposes.

Which subjects combine well with Spanish?
Spanish combines well with a number of other subjects.  The related disciplines of other languages, Business StudiesICT and Economics are obvious examples.  Other suitable subjects are Art and Design (Photography) and Law.

What careers and University courses can Spanish lead to?
With the growing expectation that candidates applying for jobs should be competent in at least one foreign language, Spanish is suitable for students wishing to pursue a wide variety of courses and subsequent careers.


General topic areas: Youth culture and concerns, Lifestyle: health and fitness, The world around us (travel, tourism, environmental issues and the Spanish-speaking world), Education and employment.

Unit 1: (6SP01) Spoken Expression and Response in Spanish. 30% of AS qualification, 15% of A level

The exam requires students to:
Section A: respond to four set questions on a stimulus related to the chosen general topic area;
Section B: engage in a discussion that, although still relating to the same general topic area and linked to subtopics, moves away from the main focus of the stimulus.

Unit 2: (6SP02) Understanding and Written Response in Spanish. 70 % of AS qualification, 35% of A level
2 hour 30 minutes paper, in three sections.

Section A: listen to a range of authentic recorded Spanish language and retrieve and convey information given in the recording by responding to a range of Spanish language questions;

Section B: read authentic Spanish language printed materials and retrieve and convey information by responding to a range of mainly Spanish language test types;

Section C: write 200-220 words in the form of a letter, report or article in Spanish. The written task will be based on a short printed Spanish language stimulus.


Unit 3: (6SP03) Understanding and Spoken Response in Spanish. 35% of A2 qualification, 17.5% of the A level

The exam requires students to: present a clear stance on any issue of their choice; interact effectively, defending and justifying an opinion on the chosen issue; engage in a spontaneous discussion with the teacher/examiner in which a minimum of two further unpredictable areas will be covered.

Unit 4: (6SP04) Understanding and Written Response in Spanish. 65 % of the total A2 marks, 32.5% of the A level
2 hour 30 minute paper in three sections

Section A: A short written translation exercise from English into Spanish (about 80 words).

Section B: An essay of 240-270 words in the target language from a choice of seven questions. The essays will be discursive or creative based on an imaginative Spanish language text or a combination of text and visual(s). Both discursive and creative questions will link to the prescribed seven topic areas.

Section C: A research-based essay (240-270 words) in the target language linked to an area of interest that relates to the culture and/or society of a Spanish language country, countries or community. It must relate to one of the following areas of research: geographical area; historical study; aspects of modern society; literature and the arts.

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