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What Board do we do? Edexcel, AS/A Level code: 8FM0/9FM0.

What is Further Mathematics?
Mathematics is a vast subject studying numbers, quantities, shape, space, the relationships between these, and a great deal more besides. Further Mathematics provides deeper grounding in, and greater conceptual understanding of, both Pure and Applied Mathematics by introducing students to such topics as complex numbers, matrix algebra, differential equations, Taylor series and others. All these ideas are extremely important for the establishment of many scientific concepts present today and, for those passionate about Mathematics, are very interesting to learn in their own right. By the end of the course you will have taken your mathematical aptitude to a higher level and further developed your logical, numerical and problem-solving skills.

Which subjects combine well with Further Mathematics?
Further Mathematics combines well with most other subjects, particularly those with a significant mathematical content such as PhysicsChemistryEconomicsAccounting and Computer Science. In a broader sense, the subject reinforces one’s logical thinking skills and ability to correctly manipulate, synthesize and interpret numerical data, which is of great use in almost any area of rigorous study.

What careers and university courses can Further Mathematics lead to?
Further Maths is currently the fastest-growing of all subjects taught at A Level, which reflects the fact that greater knowledge of Maths often results in higher university admission chances. Studying the subject is highly recommended, and an A or A* grade is strongly preferred at such Russell Group universities as Oxbridge, Imperial, LSE and UCL.

A Mathematics degree, to which it usually leads, is highly valued by employers due to the skills in analysis, problem-solving and, of course, numeracy, that it develops. Many graduates have chosen to use their mathematical skills in careers in the City of London, such as trading and risk analysis; in banking, insurance and other financial services; and in scientific research, IT and industry. However, this is not an exhaustive list as the transferable skills gained through study of mathematics are, in general, of wide applicability in many career paths.

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