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What Board do we do? Edexcel, AS/A Level code: 8MA0/9MA0.

What is Mathematics?
Mathematics is a vast subject studying numbers, quantities, shape, space, their relationships, and a lot more. It attempts to describe this world as accurately and rigorously as possible, and thus is widely regarded as “the most precise human language”. The subject has got a huge number of fields and branches, and is fundamental to much of science and technology nowadays. It is generally divided into Pure and Applied Mathematics: the former studies entirely abstract objects, while the latter is concerned with applications of Mathematics in real life. By the end of the course, a successful student will have developed solid foundations in basic mathematical concepts and ideas, calculation skills, and problem-solving techniques necessary for higher education, further personal studies or careers.

Which subjects combine well with Mathematics?
From natural sciences like Physics and Chemistry, to social ones like Economics and Sociology, to Business Studies and Computer Science, many subjects directly rely on Mathematics because of the use of numbers, calculations and logic required to establish various concepts and solve numerous problems. That is why Mathematics is often considered the ‘Queen of the Sciences’. The subject develops one’s ability to think clearly, argue reasonably, and solve problems effectively, which is important in any area of study where critical thinking is essential.

What careers and University courses can Mathematics lead to?
A Mathematics degree, in turn, is highly valued by employers due to the skills in analysis, problem-solving and, of course, numeracy, that it develops. Many graduates have chosen to use their mathematical skills in careers in the City of London, such as trading and risk analysis; in banking, insurance and other financial services; and in scientific research, IT and industry. However, this is not an exhaustive list as the transferable skills gained through study of mathematics are, in general, of wide applicability in many walks of life.

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