GCSE Geography

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Exam Board and Specification Code:  Edexcel (4GE1)

The Course
Geography is a unique and captivating subject that bridges the social and natural sciences. Although the physical environment may determine which human activities may occur in a landscape, ultimately humans are shaping and changing the physical landscape and it is through Geography, that students are able to learn and understand the impacts of these changes.

What Skills do I need?
Studying Geography offers students a broad insight into the way human and physical processes interact. It is a practical subject that teaches students a wealth of transferable skills such as critical thinking, numeracy, interpretative, graphical, data collection, fieldwork and ITC skills. Geographers also engage with maps (including Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Through exploring both social and natural sciences in this subject, students develop analytical and evaluative skills that are necessary across many other subjects. Both universities and employers value the technical and social skills that students develop from studying Geography.

How is the course assessed?
At David Game College, we follow the Edexcel International GCSE Geography course. The course is taught over one academic year and will consist of two papers.

Paper 1 is the Physical Geography paper consisting of two topics from a choice of three (options taught in bold):

• River Environments

• Coastal Environments

• Hazardous Environment

The paper is worth 70 marks and accounts for 40% of the overall IGCSE. This paper is 1 hour 10 minutes in length.

Paper 2 is the Human Geography paper consisting of three topics; two topics from a choice of three in Section A and one topic from a choice of three from Section B (options taught in bold):

Section A:

• Economic Activity and Energy

• Rural Environments

• Urban Environments

Section B:

• Globalisation

• Fragile Environments

• Development and Human Welfare

This paper is worth 105 marks and accounts for 60% of the overall iGCSE grade. This paper is 1 hour 45 minutes in length.

Both papers offer students the opportunities to engage in human and physical fieldwork and collect and analyse data. At David Game College, students will conduct fieldwork in both an urban environment and a coastal environment to contextualize the theory they have learnt in the classroom, but also to develop vital data collection skills. Both papers will include questions on the fieldwork students carry out in urban and coastal environments.

Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) Geography (2017) Student Book by Michael Witherick

ISBN-10: 0435184830 ISBN-13: 978-0435184834


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