GCSE Mathematics

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Exam Board and Specification Code: Edexcel (Specification A) (4MA1)

The Course
Mathematics is an exciting and enjoyable subject which is essential for our everyday lives. It is the study of the sciences of numbers, quantities, geometry and forms. From a basic level of numeracy needed for buying food or clothes, to being the language used from quantum mechanics to planetary orbits, Maths is everywhere!

It is a logical and beautiful subject in its own right and also helps us to make sense of the world and gives us the tools to change it. Maths is a subject of ‘doing’ rather than ‘knowing’: while practising it we develop skills in problem-solving, reasoning, logic, and self-discipline. At David Game College, we strive for every student to reach their potential in Mathematics. We hope that we will encourage and help our students not only to learn more about the wonders of Mathematics but also to gain competence and confidence in everyday life and the future workplace. We treat the subject not as a collection of rules but as an exploration in learning: posing questions, solving real problems and discovering patterns and relationships.

How is the course assessed?

All students pursue the Higher Tier International GCSE course which covers the grade range 4 to 9, with 3 allowed.  The course is assessed by means of two written exam papers. Each paper lasts 2 hours and is worth 50% of the total marks.

The course is divided into three components or assessment objectives:

Numbers & Algebra (57-63%):

Which covers numbers and the numbering system, solving numerical problems, equations, formulae and
identities, sequences, functions and graphs.

Shapes, space & measures (22- 28%):

Which covers geometry and trigonometry, vectors and transformation geometry.

Data Handling (12- 18%):

Which addresses statistics and probability.


Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) Mathematics Student Book Third Edition:
Alan Smith and Sophie Goldie (ISBN 978 1471889028)
Other recommended books are:
Longman Mathematics for IGCSE Book 1 by DA Turner, IA Potts, WRJ Waite, BV Hony
Longman Mathematics for IGCSE Book 2 by DA Turner, IA Potts, WRJ Waite, BV Hony
GCSE Mathematics by David Rayner (Higher and Foundation)


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