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The University Foundation Programme (UFP) Medicine Foundation Pathway is an intensive one year foundation course, which is designed to prepare UK, EU and international students for a place at medical school.

The UFP Medical Foundation course covers the essential elements of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as the more specialised areas of Human Anatomy, Pathology, Genetics and Pharmacology. Alongside these core science subjects, students will also gain an appreciation of

  • what it means to be a medical professional
  • an insight into technological advances in medicine and
  • an understanding of medical ethics.

From day 1, students are helped to prepare for university entrance interviews which are an important part of admission to Medicine at university. Students will carry out in-class discussions on current medical affairs, gaining knowledge of a wide range of topics to talk about when applying for medical school.

Experienced and dedicated teachers on the Medicine Foundation Pathway help students to develop strong study skills and effective communication techniques, which are essential for success in their medical studies and beyond.

Who is the Medicine Foundation Pathway for?

  • Students who currently hold high school diplomas, A-levels or IB but would like to strengthen their application for medical school
  • Students who do not currently meet the academic requirement to apply to medical school through UCAS
  • Students who have not studied Biology or Chemistry, but have strong grades in their high school diplomas or A-levels
  • Students who did not pass the UKCAT/BMAT examinations and would like to build on their existing knowledge before re-applying for medical school

Learn more about this course on the UFP Website here. 

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