Head Start & Recovery Courses

Due to the closure of schools during the COVID–19 crisis many students have had their education severely disrupted. We have decided to create two affordable courses that will help students make up for some, if not all of the lost time and get back on track for September 2020.

Our Head Start course is aimed at Year 11 students who want to catch-up and get a head start for A level. This course will give a taster of the A level, make sure students have the basic skills, knowledge and understanding to transition to study A level in their chosen subject.

The Recovery course aims to help Year 12 students catch-up and recover any lost ground due to lockdown. Filling in the missing summer term’s work with live teaching.

To read more about our Head Start & Recovery courses, or to sign up, please visit here:https://www.davidgamecollege.com/3243/online-a-level-gcse-recovery-and-revision-courses