Development Plans

The College has over 40 years’ experience in education and in the last five years student numbers have increased year-on-year.  As part of our strategic development plan the College has to accommodate this growth and the potential for further expansion up to and beyond 2020, thereby ensuring that we have the right resources for teaching and the facilities that parents and students rightly expect. Our current two sites in Notting Hill Gate, David Game House and United House, are becoming limited in their space and this can put pressure on room use. Furthermore, GCSE student numbers have doubled in the last two years and this is also an important catalyst for change.

Accordingly, it was decided back in 2015 that in order to assimilate the current growth and in light of major plans for development in Notting Hill Gate over the coming years, it would be a good time to start planning how we could take the College forward in a way that benefits all involved. 

Our development plans include the desire to:

  • increase the number of classrooms available for teaching
  • increase the  number of art rooms
  • expand our provision of science laboratories
  • double  the size of our  current library and study facilities
  • expand our English, Mathematics and ELT provision
  • up-grade students facilities in general – including canteen, break out areas, and extra-curricular facilities
  • up-date our e-learning facilities
  • improve our photography digital suite
  • expand our GCSE department
  • explore the possibility of including gym facilities for student fitness
  • consolidate on one major site all the various departments and subsidiaries of the college

All of the above would help improve the student learning and general experience at the College. In order for this to become a reality, the College would have to find suitably large enough premises in Central London. Naturally, developments of any scale are costly and the College is going to have to invest significant capital in such an expansion, but it is necessary and essential if we are to maintain our status and provide students with the quality of education they deserve.  The time frame for our development is currently being worked out and we will be actively exploring options over the coming months.

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